Feminine Farmgirl Challenge Report! How Good our God was to make us Feminine!

Greetings my dear sisters in Christ. I hope this finds you all well and growing in our dear Savior. How good He is to us!
Well, as many as you know I joined with Feminine Farmgirl and with Feelin Feminine for the challenge of wearing skirts or dresses for the first week of April. When I became a Christian about 5 years ago I became convicted to dress modestly. . .this eventually led to my wearing skirts and jumpers. So, while wearing skirts and dresses was not new to me, this challenge helped me focus on dressing femininely and on why I wear dresses/skirts–it helped pull me out of the “because its expected or tradition” mindset. I’m a little sad because my outfit pictures of the last few days are stuck on a unworking computer. Oh well! ๐Ÿ™‚ If the Lord wills, I’ll get them up later!

The below questions are from the Feelin’ Feminine website and I’m excited to get started and tell you all about how my week went! Here I go!

~ How was the experience for you? It was alot of fun. I was blessed by seeing all of the fellow Christian sisters and their modest clothing. . .such an encouragement! A second blessing I gained from this experience was that I had to think about being modest. Now, I’ve have sought to be modest for a few years and I feel like I have been. But it was becoming an expected and normal thing for me to do. This challenge reminded me that being modest is a choice- one we must make every day.

~ Any particular stories? Oh yes! On Friday I really struggled. . .I was to go and help my sister at daycare she works at. They were going horse back riding and I really wanted to participate! *Gulp* I must be honest, I do wear jumpers and skirts 97% of the time. But my Daddy and I have decided there are a few activities where wearing loose sweatpants would be more modest than a dress (playing softball, going caving, participating in my P.E. class, and so on). Unfortunately, you all caught me on the 3% side of wearing a pair of pants! Imagine the dilemma I was in. . .continuing on in this challenge or putting a pair of loose pants on. I am so thankful that I chose to stick with the challenge. I found a full brown bohemian skirt, some leggings, a sweet and modest blouse, and a pair of tennis shoes. And what did I do? I hopped onto that horse and noticed that my skirt was more modest than any pair of loose sweatpants! Truly, our God is amazing! I felt feminine and pretty as my skirt lay loosely over the saddle while holding onto a dear little preschooler. I think I enjoyed myself more, knowing that the shape of my thighs were modestly hidden, whereas pants tend to reveal every shape. As you can tell, I was truly blessed by this experience.

Addie over at Girlish Musings , who also participated in this challenge, had an excellent thought. (I’m paraphrasing), but Miss Addie says that women have worn skirts for ages, often crossing “oceans,” “continents,” and “mountain ranges” and that if they could do it, so could she. Isn’t that so true, dear sisters? Let’s take courage and be like the women of old. . .I bet Sara, Abraham’s wife, did all of her ancient chores and travellings in feminine and modest attire. :o) Thank you Addie for such a thought-provoking idea!   

 ~ Did wearing skirts rather than pants affect the way you felt? Yes, jumpers and skirts help me feel sweet, feminine, and more aware of the fact that I am a lady created to be a helpmeet.

~ The way you felt about yourself? Yes. I have often struggled with my weight and the modesty and loveliness that comes from wearing skirts/jumpers has encouraged me to trust that my worth is not found in beauty, but in following the Lord. Several years ago I wore very wordly clothes. My worth was in my beauty, and because of that I became very immodest. Since Jesus has worked in my heart and life, I have found that by doing things His way (being modest and having a meek and quiet spirit) my beauty comes from within. And that makes me so glad!

~ The way you acted? Yes, I feel that when I dress modestly I tend to be more gentle and patient.Women are supposed to be sweet and gentle and I believe God intends modest clothing to be a reminder and help of that.

~ The way you carried yourself? I believe so! ๐Ÿ™‚ Again, I feel God designed modest clothing/dresses to help women be gentle. I can testify for this first hand. When I wore immodest clothing (which often were tight pants) I walked in a way to gain attention. I feel modest clothing helps us sisters to be meek and quiet. It helps with accountability!  
~ Were you able to go about everyday activity as freely as pants? Yes! While wearing a skirt or jumper I studied, went to school,  worked in the house, helped in the garden, went shopping, attended a wedding, rode a horse, and even climbed a tree (with a pair of leggings!)   

~ How did people respond? My family is used to me wearing skirts, so every thing was normal with them. (Although they rejoiced with me when I discovered I could wear a skirt while riding a horse!)
I feel strangers, especially men, give me a sweet respect that I am very much blessed and in awe at.

~ Were you more respected? In the general public? I do believe that wearing a modest skirt/jumper does bring respect although I did not pay too much attention to that this past week.
I also wear a head covering and I believe that wearing modest clothing and covering my head has brought me much respect over the last 5 years. God is good!  

~ Did you feel more like a lady? Yes :o)

~ After the challenge do you desire to keep wearing skirts more regularly, or were you desperate to wear pants again? I desire to continue in wearing jumpers/skirts. I believe that modesty is so important to God and I am so glad that He has worked it into my life. Even though I struggle with immodesty sometimes, I desire to continue on in the godly maidenhood He has planned for me.  

I hope that this challenge has been a blessing to you, dear sisters, as much as it has been for me. Let’s give up our vanity and follow after our Lord. He is able to give us strength! 
With lots of love,  

P.S. I found this lovely photo and I do not know who to give credit to! I think it can be found on photobucket.com, but I have never tried. If you have any idea, please leave a comment! I would greatly appreciate it!

3 thoughts on “Feminine Farmgirl Challenge Report! How Good our God was to make us Feminine!

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    Hey there! I loved reading your answers, and that's so awesome about how you rode a horse, a lot of my friends don't understand how I could do certain activities in a skirt but I figure the right length and size with some leggings under and I'm set! lol

    Emily <3

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    Thank you Frannie! You have a wonderful review! I really enjoyed reading (and rereading) your answers! ๐Ÿ˜€ Thank you again!


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    Miss Emily Rachael- It is so true that we can do almost anything in skirts! I'm glad that you enjoyed reading this. I'm so thankful and blessed when someone reads my things! Have a blessed day!

    Miss Addie- Oh, I'm glad you didn't mind me sharing your thoughts. . .I was really blessed by them! May the Lord bless your day!

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