Finding Peace in Your Life Purpose // Coffee Series

Coffee Series

Sweet friend, it’s the perfect day for a heart-to-heart conversation and cup of deliciousness across computer screens; as you settle in, sip a little and read I want you to settle in to the fact that you are alive today and that your life has a purpose.

Yes, you single daughter, you have purpose.

And you, tired, strained mother, you have a purpose.

You, barren woman, your life have more to it then what you think it does.

Last week our pastor shared something so beautiful, so meaty, and it’s something I want to share with you.

Your life has purpose and it’s to proclaim Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior.

John the Baptist, a mighty man of God, stood daily proclaiming the coming Messiah. His life was meaningful, driven, consumed with the fact that he had been told to ready the people of Israel for Jesus’ arrival. But John the Baptist wasn’t a great theologian. He wasn’t politically connected and, as far as we know, he wasn’t even an honored family man. When asked who he was, John replied simply, “a voice.” 

(I hate to say it, but if I were John the Baptist I probably would have reminded folks about the “important things;” I mean, being a fulfillment of prophesy and cousin of Jesus Christ seems to be a little advantageous. 😉 )

John was an effective witness for Christ because he pointed to Christ. That was his purpose; his day-to-day life revolved around that mission.

Dear one, can you say that is your purpose?

Can I say that I am a wife for the purpose of pointing others to Christ?

Can I say that I teach for His name?

Do I love my neighbors, my husband and my relations to make Him known?

The most beautiful part is that the more I remember my calling the more lovely my role in life becomes. Suddenly, being a wife, keeper of the home, blogger and substitute teach takes on a whole new meaning. When I remember Who I am proclaiming even the smallest actions become special. Those cookies I made weren’t just to satisfy the neighbor’s sweet tooth — they’re meant to point them to Jesus. That time I loved my husband unselfishly wasn’t just about being a good wife — I was reminding him of the Creator of love and blessing him in the process.

You see, when we remember our true purpose (to proclaim Christ) life suddenly becomes more meaningful and more powerful.

You aren’t just a single woman in college surviving on Ramen and Netflix. You’re a minister of Christ, a voice, pointing others to Him.

Tired mother, when you remember to obey your great calling you aren’t just wiping messy noses and cooking meals — you’re revealing Christ in actions that mean the world to some. and bless the heart of the Creator.

Barren woman, if you’re living life with the goal of proclaiming Jesus then the time you spend serving, loving and giving is worth gold.

So, dear women, let’s remember our purpose this weekend and go out and live purposefully proclaiming Jesus the Messiah.

I’ll be praying for you,

with so much love,

Frannie Anne

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