Following God as Dear Children // Coffee Series

It’s 9:30 am and glorious.
With birds singing, sun shining and a cup beside me I can’t help but rejoice (even though I just dribbled coffee like a sprinkler down my dress and recliner … woopsie!)
Above all the beauty and joy which I have described I am most thankful for the love of God. Often, I struggle with worry and fear; I introvert too much and spend days wondering if I am doing enough,  loving enough and following enough, if my walk with God is enough. Can you relate?
After weeks of fretting I began to ask God to work in me; to show me His love, to lead me away from any sin and to create in me a heart that loves Him. And while I feel that I’m not where I should be He has answered my prayers.
Being followers of Christ isn’t about being good enough. For “Christ’s sake, I am forgiven.”
Loving the Heavenly Father isn’t about following hard rules, strict obedience and bowing down to a wrathful judge (although obedience and justice is involved). It’s about “walking in love, as Christ loved us.”  
We’re called to be followers of God, as dear children. A long time ago, I wrote a little piece on the definition of the word dearheart. As I look over it I see the phrase, “Highly valued; greatly beloved; cherished; precious.” Following God isn’t about following hard rules; it’s about following Him as highly valued, greatly beloved children. If you are a follower of Christ, you are cherished, precious and your Heavenly Father will equip you to follow His ways fully and in love.
And that is the greatest reason for being happy today. The springtime weather, fresh coffee and singing birds are lovely, but having a God Who has forgiven me fully, loves me as a dear child and equips me to follow Him is why I sing today.
What lessons have you been learning lately? Do you ever struggle with introspective thoughts and have you found freedom in looking to Christ? I would love to learn from my fellow sisters and brothers in Christ. 🙂
With love, blessings and an (empty!) mug of coffee,

4 thoughts on “Following God as Dear Children // Coffee Series

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    Can I say amen?!

    We do have so much to be thankful for in life. But the best truly is having the knowledge of being forgiven our sins, and being able to live a life to serve HIM, and be grateful for that kind of love. 🙂

    Lately I have been learning to fully give Justin over to GOD. Since Justin has became a deacon in our church, and has new responsibilities that take some time from each other, I've seen how selfish I am with my time with him. I've been wayyyy… too easily upset when his duties take him elsewhere. But GOD is good, and by HIS grace, I am slowly adjusting to this new role, and trying to be there to support him.

    Thank-you for sharing this Frannie!

    Enjoy this beautiful season of spring!

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      Oh, Angel! God bless you! I can imagine how easy it would be to be upset over my hubby being busy with new responsibilities. While it may seem silly the frustration is still very real! I will pray that this time of adjustment draws you closer to each other … I know GOd means to work good things through it!!

      Thank you for your honesty! I appreciate it!

      Love and blessings!

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    I so can relate…grace and rest is so hard for me to do! Thank you for sharing!
    My husband has been a wonderful example and blessing to me to quit "measuring my walk" and the constant self evaluation and to live in the joy, security and freedom God gives. It's beautiful but hard for me to do! 🙂

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      Ah, such good words!! I'm glad you have a good husband who reminds you of the beauty and grace we have in Christ! My husband also does the same!

      Isn't it great to have such sweet fellow heirs of grace! I love it!!

      Thankful for you!

      Blessings and love!

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