Four (Unexpected) Ways to Grow When You Marry and Move

It’s a weird thing being a twenty-five, happily married (major understatement), living in a new city kind of woman.

It’s even weirder when you’ve lived a majority (okay, all) of your life inside your loving parent’s home until said happy marriage took place.

All sorts of trivial difficulties must be waded through. Drama unfolds in mini episodes.

For one, you have to learn where to grocery shop without exceeding your budget. Aldi’s quickly became our favorite shop. The sweet potato chips are delish and the gluten-free selection growing. 🙂

Two, church shopping. (I hate that phrase). Finding a church home has been difficult for D and I. We’ve found it difficult to introduce, bond, grow and be known in a local body of believers. We really like where we are now but it took almost a year to find a place where we felt we could serve and grow.

Three, finding doctors. While we haven’t had a need for a doctor I  feel overwhelmed thinking about it. What if I become pregnant? How will I find a doctor right for us? What’s the hospital like? Are there any midwives closer than thirty miles? (I’m such a whine-bag 😉

Four, making friends.This is hardest of all.

Because we moved three hours away from our family, friends and church we’ve had to start from the beginning where friends are concerned.

Thankfully, God has been faithful in meeting all of our needs. Friends seem to trickle into our lives when I least expect it. A woman who recognizes me from church, a co-worker who needs a babysitter for her girls, a friend of a friend who lets me walk in her garden; all of these have been blessings to my sometimes lonely heart. Even blogging/long-distance friends have been a joy to have over this last year. I’ve even been blessed enough to have a few who drive an hour or so just to have coffee and conversation with me.

While I still yearn for a local girlfriend to invite to Hobby Lobby and browse craft-goodies with, latte in hand, I am learning to delight in and nurture the relationships God has already sent me.

I think growing up and maturing into a woman who sees God’s gifts at hand is a goal worth pursuing no matter how hard it is.

In the end, I think being a twenty-five year old, happily married woman in a new city is pretty amazing. My Man and I have grown in love and friendship because, hey, some days all we have is each other. We’ve explored the city and made it our own — knowing exactly where we love to eat, when the library opens and where the beautiful houses are located is a lot of fun. It’s been a little hard but alotta good.

Tell me about the time you moved to a new city, state or country? What encouragement and inspiration do you have to offer?

With much love to you!


3 thoughts on “Four (Unexpected) Ways to Grow When You Marry and Move

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    This is such an encouragement to me, Frannie… It’s always nice to know there is someone out there who is in a similar situation and understands what I’m feeling 🙂

    Being far from family can be *so hard* at times. But it’s made me realize just how much I love exploring and discovering new places in this city with my hubby.

    And you’re right – being happily (joyfully!!) married in a new city is pretty amazing 🙂
    Thanks for sharing.

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    Even at an advanced age, it sometimes is difficult to adjust to a new environment. But by then one is more confident, more outward looking, more able to instigate friendly advances. I have found that just a simple invitation to tea, or coffee is all it takes to make a friend.

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    I can relate to alot of these and now we are preparing to move to a completely different area and settle in. After living in the same community for most all of my life moving was a big deal and now just over a year later it’s to another part of the US. Yay to Aldi espcially their cheap produce prices! 🙂 and yes on the last one!

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