Four Ways I Plan to Bless My Husband this Summer

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Summer is here; you can tell by the beautiful, thick, green trees, colorful wildflowers and warm, Missouri heat filling the land. And this summer F. Scott Fitzgerald’s words have never been so true.

 “And so with the sunshine and the great bursts of leaves growing on the trees, just as things grow in fast movies, I had that familiar conviction that life was beginning over again with the summer.”

This will be our last summer just Dalton and I. Next May we hope to have a lovely five month-old Duncan cooing and crying and in need of attention and diaper changes.

Life is changing fast and I want every moment of this summer to be a blessing to my husband. I’ve been far too moody and fretful this last month (I blame you, hormones/stress/crazy-amazing life!) and I aim to change that. 😉

Hence, my simple and wonderfully effective summer goals for wooing and blessing my Beloved:

Do one nice thing a day

It’s amazing how easy it is to forget being nice in marriage. You sort of fall into life’s routine: here let me make breakfast, have a good day at work, welcome home, here’s your dinner, good night.

Dalton and I live everyday sweetly and so I often take advantage of the sweetness and begin to expect it and forget to add the passion, creativity and out-of-norm niceness which keeps it fresh and genuine. It’s like we have the cake but forget the sprinkles … everyone knows sprinkles make a cake! 😉

I want to do one, unexpected nice thing for Dalton a day this summer. Yesterday, I made one of his favorite meals (fufu with broth) without his asking. Maybe tomorrow I’ll give him a good massage just to surprise him. Remembering to do fun, nice things blesses our people and shows them how much we care.

Kiss (truly!) 3 times a day

I want to up the affection I show my Beloved. It’s easy for me to forget to be affectionate when I’m focused on getting chores done, writing lesson plans, folding laundry and trying to grow my blog.

This summer I aim to lay three good ones on him a day. (Haha!) I want to show Dalton how special he is and how much I think of him. What better way than purposing to shower him with affection?

Greet him at the door

Dalton loves my being at the door and ready to welcome him after being away working ten hours in a stressful environment. It’s an easy, simple thing but I’ve noticed how it affects him — he literally starts floating when I’m home and welcoming him at the door! (Well, not literally, but you should see how ridiculously happy he is!) 😉

This summer I want to make an effort to stop doing whatever I’m doing so I can welcome my hard-working, faithful husband home.

Choose to laugh

This one is super important because I tend to be sensitive and miss Dalton’s good humor. Never once has he made a mean or rude joke at my expense (he’s awesome that way!) but I often assume the worst when it comes to humor … like when he spilled blue cheese all over the floor and laughingly pretended that I had a big job to do (he knows how much I despise blue cheese). But then he started sweeping and cleaning it entirely.

Sometimes, I get mad at those little jokes. (Isn’t that silly of me?)

I know Dalton well enough to be at rest with his little pokes and jests. Never once has he said something cruel or at my expense so I am aiming to loosen up this summer and enjoy his cheesy, silly, fun humor without taking offense to it. 

Because a laughing, fun wife is worth a billion dollars in my husband’s eyes.

What are your goals for this summer? Do you have any grand plans? How do you pursue your friends and loved ones? I’d love to hear your thoughts. Leave a comment below! 

It’s going to be a beautiful, great summer … I can already tell my four easy, every-day goals are going to bless and enrich our lives. And I can’t wait to tell you about it!

Love, blessings, and coffee,


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