From His First Cry. . .

Greetings dear brothers and sisters in Christ. I hope this finds each of you rejoicing in the holy name of Jesus Christ. Yesterday, a friend shared her Christmas card with me—we both enjoyed the message very much. The picture you see is actually the front of the card and the poem below, by Lisa O. Engelhardt, was on the inside cover. I hope you may be blessed by it as much as we were! 🙂  May the Lord bless you this Christmas day as you seek to serve Him.
“Our Savior, Light of the World”
Rejoicing, we tell
the Nativity story,
when the Light of the World
came in brilliance and glory.
But still we remember there is more to be told –
His great sacrifice that was yet to unfold. . .
For His mission as Savior
could not be complete
until heavy nails pierced
His hands and His feet.
So may we recall
both the gift of His birth,
and the gift of salvation
He gave to all on earth.

— Lisa O. Engelhardt
       May Jesus bless you! With love,

3 thoughts on “From His First Cry. . .

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    Hello Frannie!! It has been so long since I have been on here.. good to be back! I pray your family is doing well and enjoying the Christmas season celebrating our Lord's birth. 🙂
    What a neat poem! Thank you for sharing. I love Christmas cards that are like that, instead of helping to commercialize the season…

    Just so you know, I moved! Well, in cyber world any way…. lol! my new blog is: Country Musings is now solely my Mom's blog.. 🙂 My sister also has a new blog:

    I hope you will stop by soon!!!

    In Christ's Service,

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    ~:~Dear Sarah, Greetings! I am thankful you stopped by and I hope to visit your new blog soon!! May Jesus bless you, Frannie

    ~:~Dear Libby, Welcome! I am blessed you found this blog and stopped by! May the Lord bless your day! Frannie

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