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Fun, affordable themes for your hospitality at AuthenticVirtue.comTrue hospitality is something I want to grow in. Opening my heart and home, when both can be unprepared and busy, is something I want to become a regular habit. As I make more connections in our new city I want women and families to know that our home is a safe place they can come to when they need time to recover from life’s recent blow; I want them to know there will always be coffee available and a listening ear present.

But there are genuine problems with having an open house. Budgets can be tight, dishes can be dirty, to-do lists a mile long, and personalities shy. Sometimes, we struggle with knowing how to do it all — how do I show hospitality when my grocery budget is tight? How do I open my home when my husband works irregular shifts?

I’ve been there and along the way I’ve discovered a few tricks which help calm my nerves (hosting is not my strength), stretch my budget, and create memories with people I’ve come to love.

My secret? Set a theme. If there is time to plan ahead, setting a theme gives me a goal and game-plan I can focus on. I don’t quite feel confidant in cooking regular meals for guests — I’m still learning what Dalton likes and doesn’t like! 😀 Setting a theme takes away the guess work.

My husband and I have the best fun creating themes for when people come over. Personally, I’ve found it is so much easier (and affordable) to plan the menu and nights activities around a set theme; plus, telling your guests to expect Hawaiian Night, Game Night, or Italian Night creates a lot of fun anticipation.

Here are some of the themes you could do easily (and affordably):

Breakfast for Dinner can be such a fun idea. Plan on buying pop-up biscuits (or making your own from scratch) and sausage then make a giant skillet full of gravy for a delicious meal of Biscuits and Gravy. You can feed a large gathering with a gallon of milk, a cup of flour, sausage and biscuits. Or, breakfast can be as simple as a large bowl of scrambled eggs sprinkled with cheese, orange juice concentrate made into a gallon, and toast.

Plus, it’s so fun to have breakfast for dinner!

Make your own pizza night was a real treat we experimented with a few months back. While shopping at Aldi, we picked up pre-made crusts (which included sauces), pepperoni, sausage to fry, a can of mushrooms, and two different cheeses. I sauteed the onions I already had on hand.

Then, we created an assembly line of all the ingredients with one person in charge of rotating the personalized pizzas in and out of the oven. Prepare a side salad and the evening is sure to be an easy success! (Especially if your guests bring a giant bowl of iced watermelon and icecream!) Yum!

A soup and style of bread makes an excellent, filling meal to share. Meal ideas can include large pots of chili with a side of cornbread, Italian soup coupled with fresh baked Italian bread, or Vegetable soup with buttered white bread. These ideas are so easy to make and very affordable; with little hassle you’ve warmed everyone with hot bowls of soup and bread. And know you can focus on what really matters, relationships.

Cereal Feast was something we did this week and loved. (Dalton’s idea!) Dalton and I rarely have cereal in the house so for a special treat we decided to ask our guests for their favorite cereal type. The menu was simple: five different cereals and scrambled eggs sprinkled with Italian sausage, coffee and iced water. What a fun night! We had a blast playing games with our friends while I loved having the easy prep work. Later, we sent everyone home with their favorite box. It was so fun!

How do you best show hospitality? Are you a coffee and dessert gal? Or is preparing a full menu more your thing? Do you feel hospitality is something you could grow in or are you a pro? Let’s share with each other in the comments below — I love to hear your thoughts!

Creating themes for your events is a fun, affordable way to bring people into your home without losing focus on what really matters: having fun, growing relationships, and glorifying Christ by serving others.

Love, blessings, and coffee,


8 thoughts on “Fun, Unique Themes for Hospitality

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    When we lived inn France it was very popular for 3 couples to dine, one bringing starter, the hostess doing a main course, and one bringing dessert. But for me, now, the simpler the better, one pot dishes are easy, lasagne, risotto, casserole, slow roasted meat, etc.

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      What a lovely idea, Miss Barbara! It sounds like such fun to share hosting with two other couples. I may have to bring that into our repertoire! 🙂

      And as for now, I think simpler is better. Your one pot dishes sound delicious and filling. Oh, how I wish I could spend some time visiting with you — it would be such a treat!

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    Oh what wonderful ideas Frannie! We have slacked off in hospitality over the past year. I have really been wanting to get back into it, and this is the perfect inspiration. 😀 Especially the cereal theme. That seems like such a simple and fun idea for all. Especially how cereal has become a constant craving lately…

    When we were hosting families regularly, brunch meals with French toast and breakfast casseroles that you can prepare ahead of time were the favorite. But also soup and sandwich evenings. Especially crock pot recipes. 🙂

    Thank you for sharing my friend!

    I pray you have a sweet, cool breezes filled day!

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      Yay! I’m so glad this post resonated with you and provided a bit of inspiration, Angel.

      And yes! Lol, the cereal feast was a great hit, super simple, and a lot of fun. (And I agree … cereal is also a craving!) 🙂

      Mmmm … your hosting ideas sound delightful and yummy. I love the idea of a brunch with casseroles made ahead of time. I’ll need to add that to my collection.

      Blessings to you, Angel! Hoping you and baby are blossoming and enjoying your time together!!

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    Oh Frannie I love this!!! And I am so honored that we have been the recipients of you and Dalton’s wonderful hospitality!!😊💖 I can speak from first hand experience that cereal night and pizza night were completely AWESOME! 😄 I think of you both every time I have a delicious bowl of Coco Puffs! 😉

    Reading your hospitality ideas (and experiencing them) has helped me so much because there are two things that have always made it hard for me- Not knowing what to cook, and being so busy that I don’t feel like my house is clean enough to be seen by guests.
    You’ve been an inspiration to me, and having you and Dalton over is one of our VERY favorite things that we would do every week if we could! 😊
    Thank you for your wonderful ideas, your friendship, your listening ear and your hospitality 💖

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      Oh, Amy!! You are too sweet!

      First, you should never be afraid because even if your home is messy it is welcoming, cheery, and always full of delicious food; three things I love! (Plus, I don’t know if you ninja cleaned but it’s never been messy when I came over!). Haha! 😀

      We have been so blessed by you and your family. having you over has been such a treat for us and we love it. You have helped me grow in confidence when having people over; plus, we have such fun!

      With much love to you, woman!

      p.s. can’t wait to come over to your home soon!

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    I Looooooooooooooooove these ideas, Sissy!!!! You are on to something here and thank you for sharing!!!!! Something I heard lately was an International Club…..Have say 6 couples and 6 countries — once a month one couple is responsible for international treat of special cuisine and atmosphere! It is hard work for the one month…..but oh to enjoy the other five months of rotation!!!! Doesn’t that sound fun! Great time to check in with a familiar group of friends and what fun! I think I’ll do it! Love you, Sissy!

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      Hello, Marm! 🙂

      An International Club sounds like a very good time! (And something Dalton and I would like a lot!). You should definitely do it! You would have so much fun!!!

      Thank you for leaving a comment — it’s always so fun when I get one from you!!

      Love you! 🙂

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