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Hello, sweet folk.
It’s a bright, gray skied Thursday here on Madeline Place and I am enjoying such deep peace and happiness. Many hugs and cheek kisses are being mentally sent your way; I wasn’t sure what sort of outcome Pregnancy Tests and Baby Blues would receive but of course, without fail, you ladies pulled me into your arms and blessed me with your sincere love. Thank you, thank you, thank you.
You may have noticed the changes occurring in this quiet place. The name changed from Of Mess and Glory back to the original Authentic Virtue. I like it better this way. I think, for some reason, I had gotten distracted from the pure, most sincere reasons I write — to encourage women to live with the full knowledge that Jesus is beside them and that authentic (real, tangible) virtue (moral power) is the most beautiful thing they can show this world.
Dalton and I have been talking about what my ministry, in this season of life, should look like. I know that it should involve my being a blessing to and keeper of our home, the encouragement of younger girls to love the Lord and rejoice in the design and person He made them, to lift up women through hospitality, and to utilize my talents and interests for His glory. 

And then there is this blog. This wonderful, fun place I love to meander around in. What should it look like? How much time should I dedicate to it? Who should it reach? I have a lot of big dreams when it comes to writing/designing and feel that, whether the blog reaches thousands or merely fifty-eight, I want it to be a platform where God is glorified through my being authentic, open and encouraging in every word.

So, just like wiping away sticky cobwebs and scrubbing floors clean, I am in the process of preparing Authentic Virtue to really shine. There will be more consistency, more authenticness and praise of virtuous womanhood. Which reminds me, the pretty title, sidebar, and signature graphics which decorate my walls come from Hannah at We Lived Happily Ever After . She makes beautiful things for both blogs and homes … and she definitely would love a visit from your beautiful self.

Looking forward to a fun, beautiful adventure,

2 thoughts on “Goals, Dreams, + Reality | Blog Changes

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    Frannie, your blog doesn't need to be aimed specifically at young ladies, though of course that is good. But…I'm in my , ahem, later years (!) and I find something to think about so often when I read your words.
    I'm glad you have gone back to the original name.

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    Thank you, dear friend, for your encouragement! 🙂

    I am not wanting to aim my blog for young ladies (although they are always welcome) but mean to become more involved in the little girls who happen to be in my area. I hope the blog reaches women of all ages! 🙂

    You are such a blessing to me!! I hope that cute bird has nested in your apple tree!

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