Good Gifts: A Giveaway!

Ladies and Gentlemen,
I am pleased to announce my 2nd
Why? Because you are so absolutely-without a doubt-unbearably-wonderful! 

It really is true; blogging has been such a
wonderful outlet for me. I love having readers who willingly share their
opinions and lives with me; Thank you! 

I am giving away one copy of Elizabeth Prentiss’
novel Stepping Heavenward. Click here
for a link to tell you all about it! Written in the 1800’s, this challenging novel depicts the lessons and tales of one woman pursuing Christ. It truly is a treasure worth
reading! And . . . its a good read for all!
I am also giving away a sweet book mark from
Storkville, a sweet Etsy shop. Why not check it out?


 So, here are the official details:

Mandatory Entry:

Simply leave a comment saying you
would love to be signed up. It’s as
easy as that. If you are a non-blogger either comment me through the anonymous (please give your name) or email me at: authentic_virtue(at)yahoo(dot)com

Extra Entries:

v For one
extra entry you must: Share the love! What I mean is pass the word along. Shout
out Authentic Virtue on your site (Facebook
and email works, too) and then comment me the link. And wa-la you have an extra


v   For two extra  entries you must: Crack
open a book! In order to receive two extra
entries you need to comment me a favorite quote from a favorite book.


I will close and announce the winner on February the 3rd. That gives you one week to put in a total of four entries!  

Also, I will mail the winner the package on
Monday, the 4th.
If I’ve really confuzzeled you, send my a comment. I’d love to clear it up.
Excitedly yours,


Update: I would love to have those across the seas enter; please feel free to do so.

3 thoughts on “Good Gifts: A Giveaway!

  1. Avatar

    Aw, Frannie, I wish I could enter! I don't usually enter giveaways because I don't give out my address … paranoid policy … but I hope you get more entries! I'll try to remember to give you a shout-out on my blog! 🙂


  2. Avatar

    *Choke* I forgot to post about your giveaway on my blog! I can't believe it!! *Bops self over head … repeatedly*

    I do hope you had a few more than just the one entry!! I'm so sorry for my forgetfulness! 🙁

    ~ Vicki

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