Goodbye Summer

Summertime is far behind us. My window roses are napping, fall candles are burning and the mornings are becoming bright and frosty.

Needless to say I’m in heaven.

But these pictures just make my heart smile. I took these during a late summertime downtown walk. Soon I’ll have many dried petals a friend is graciously sending me and I’ll blend several of the petals with my homegrown lavender. The joys of summertime will create a yummy blend of potpourri for the winter-ish weather.

Goodbye Summer — I’ll miss you even though I’ll be cherishing the coat-wearing, scarf tying, coffee-drinking theme of winter.

2 thoughts on “Goodbye Summer

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    Frannie, I am doing the same with my late flowering roses, the petals just go into a big pot pourri bowl and dry naturally. The sweet smell of Summer is still there through the Winter.

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    Summer left us suddenly this year – it turned cold for about two weeks, and then I woke up this weekend to our first snowfall! Alas, I have not ventured forth with my camera very much; but I have certainly enjoyed looking out the window at the snow on the trees and flowers. I bet your potpourri smells heavenly!! Maybe I’ll try making some next year! 🙂

    I hope everything is going well for you, my friend, and that you’re enjoying your favorite season!! <3


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