Gratitude + Flowers


The green beads were a clearance item I bought from a road side thrift store three years ago and the carnations … well, they stole my heart last week while grocery shopping. I was thankful to see the flowers still in mint condition — smelling fresh and creamy white. Since we were going out of town tomorrow (honeymooning!) I thought they would make the perfect thank-you for family  storing our car and sending us off at St. Louis’ airport.
How do you like to show gratitude? Are you one who writes beautiful notes? Or maybe you find cookies to be an enchanting way of expressing gratitude. No matter what, I’d love to hear all about it!
Love, coffee, and tood-a-loo!
(As in, see you when I fly back to the Midwest!)

4 thoughts on “Gratitude + Flowers

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    Very pretty! I love the colors.

    I'm one that tends to write notes. Or, gives a small gift, that I know that person will like.

    Have a wonderful trip!!! 😀


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    \ Thank you, Miss Elizabeth!! It really was a lovely time. <3

    \ Oh, Kelsey! Thank you! 🙂 I think getting a basket of goodies from you would so exciting!

    \ Thank you, Miss Angel! I could have guessed you were fond of handwritten notes — they are always special treats to get, aren't they? <3

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