Being Single

   Greetings friends! I hope this finds each of you very well and rejoicing in the Lord; “For the joy of the LORD is your strength.” Much has been going on lately, but I wanted to share a story with you. I hope that you are blessed. ๐Ÿ™‚

Abigail Henry eagerly opened the letter her brother brought home; she loved receiving letters from her dearest friend Lacy. Often the treasured notes held bits of godly encouragement and humor as the two early-twenty cousins shared stories about home, siblings, missions, sewing, and other girlish adventures. With vigor Abigail flipped open the floral stationary and began to read. But today Abigail’s brown eyes came across something different, something delightful … Lacy was beginning a courtship with a godly young man in her church!

Emotions of joy and excitement bubbled up inside Abigail’s heart, yet another emotion also rose to the surface–sadness. But before she could address this unwanted feeling Abigail quickly left her room to share Lacy’s good news with the rest of the family.

The next morning, beautiful with sunny skies and spring temperatures, found Abigail spending most of her time serving around the house. But while the day spoke of joy, Abigail’s heart ached with sorrow. It was not until she jumped into her little car and left for an errand that Abigail began to discuss her troubles with the Lord, something she often did in the privacy of her own car. Out loud, the young woman shared her heart ache with her loving Saviour and Creator.

“Lord, you know I am excited for Lacy … she deserves a godly husband and the blessing of having her own family. She will be a wonderful wife–but, Lord, why is it that I am still single? Why is it that no one has asked for my hand? Father, am I even worthy of love? Will anyone ever find me lovely and worthy enough to be his wife? Jesus, I feel passed over and forgotten. Am I?”

Dejectedly, Abigail let out a loud and helpless sigh. At that moment, her Lord began to speak to her heart. And Jesus said, “My dearest daughter, I love you (Rom. 5:6-8). I find you beautiful; I hand-made each of your freckles, every strand of your hair, and I chose even the features you dislike so that you may know and love me and that I may be glorified (Ps. 139:16,17). These hands of mine formed you in the womb, they stretched the heavens, and bled on Calvary so that you may have life … and these very hands hold you safely now (Ps. 104:2, John 3:16). I know you feel forgotten but I have a perfect plan for you, a plan which will bring so much beauty and joy from your life (Jer. 29:11, Rom. 8:28). A plan which will bring others to Christ and glorify my Father’s name–if you will only accept it (Isa. 49:5). Abigail, part of that plan is for you to be single right now. I know you want to be a wife and mother, but Dearest, if you cannot cheerfully and obediently accept my the plan I have for you now you will struggle to accept it later. Remember, being single is a gift from God; it is a time for you to ‘care for the things of the Lord, that you may be holy both in body and in spirit: (1 Cor. 7:34) . It is a time in which you can have the freedom to serve others … do not waste it pining over day-dreams and in self-pity. Only after you accept single-hood as a gift will you be able to truly enjoy and fulfill the calling of marriage. Daughter, remember that I am the Giver of Good Gifts (James 1:17). I have given you the time of being single, therefore, this time is a good gift; I would not give it to you otherwise. And finally, my Beloved, know that you are loved; draw nearer to me and you will realize that I can meet your every need (Ps. 37:4).”

A few moments silently passed as Abigail took in all her Saviour had spoken. It was difficult for her to accept the idea that being single equated a gift. And yet, the teary eyed girl knew her Father was right.

Later that night, Abigail sat nestled in the couch across from her dear parents. The three were spending a few moments before bed visiting and sharing the events of the day. After gathering her bravery, Abigail spilt her tale to her wise counselors. She shared the sorrow that came from Lacy’s jubilant letter, the discouragement that over-whelmed her in the car, and the sweet response the Savior gave. Smiling, Mrs. Henry spoke, “Abigail, your desires for marriage and motherhood are good desires … something for which you ought to be thankful. But you are right in that they must be met in God’s timing and way. Trust in Christ to meet your every need. Resting in Christ will not always be easy and you will still struggle with feelings of sadness and loneliness. When those times come, turn to Jesus and know that your obedience will help change your emotions.” “Remember,’ spoke Mr. Henry, ‘to allow Jesus to fill your heart with joy over Lacy’s happiness. Your contentment in being single will enable you to bless and encourage others.”

As Abigail climbed into bed that night, she thoughtfully recalled all that she had happened that day. Quietly she prayed, “Dearest Lord, by your grace I want to accept and delight in the gift of being single. Be my Joy and Companion and according to Your will prepare me for all that you have planned … whether that be marriage or not, I will delight in you.” 

Dear friends, if you are a boy reading this {I congratulate you!} you may not relate to the main character of this story. If you are a girl, I believe you may have understood  some of the fears and doubts which went through Abigail’s heart. Sisters, let us learn to be content in the here and now; let us allow Christ the righful place in our live’s and He will ease the pangs of lonliness and worry. 

May the Heavenly Father bless you as you press heavenward!

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    Dearest Frannie, this post truly spoke to my heart. My parents were very unsupportive of my Christian faith, so it was necessary for me to leave home at an early age and take a job (I work as a secretary) to support myself. As the years have slipped by, I have come to accept that God has not selected a husband and family for me and that I must walk this path toward Heaven alone. While I certainly do have moments where it saddens me, I know that all things from God are good. During my darker moments, I remind myself that I must (as you have said) practice contentment in the place where it has pleased God to place me. I belong wholly to my Beloved–body, mind, soul and spirit–and I endeavor to delight in being wherever He wishes me to be, and doing whatever He wishes me to do.

    I focus on I Corinthians 7:34, where Paul notes that the virgin cares for the things of the Lord, that she may be holy both in body and in spirit.

    I try to live according to I Thessalonians 4:11-12 where I "study to be quiet, to do my own business, to work with my own hands" and to live as much as possible unspotted from the world. When you are unmarried, you truly do look toward Heaven as your true home, and the legions of angels and saints as your true family, and you await with great anticipation the reunion that will come "in the sweet by and by".

    Your sister in Christ,
    Miss Linda

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    ~ Dear Mrs. Elizabeth, Thank you! I am so glad you told me about my font. I enlarged it, but if it is still a bit too small I will gladly make it bigger. May the Lord bless your day, Frannie

    ~ Dear Miss Linda, I am very blessed by your heart to love and serve the Lord despite difficulties. Thank you for sharing a bit of your testimony; I know Jesus will reward you. I will be praying for you! Your sister in Christ, Frannie

    ~ Hello Nikki! Thank you so much for so much for stopping by my blog and for leaving your sweet comments! May the Lord bless your day, Frannie

    ~ Dear Rachel Beth, thank you!! I hope that you have a blessed week! Your sister in Christ, Frannie

    ~ Dear Tom, ๐Ÿ˜› Thank you, my good man! I hope you have a good day! Frannie

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    Dear Frannie,

    Thank you so much for your blog. I have been following for a few months now and always find encouragement from reading your posts! Thank you for the post about being single. I have been married for almost 5 years and it seems we are unable to have children. I know your post was about singleness but I could also relate to it in the area of wanting children but having to accept that God is saying, "Wait" or even, "No, it is not My plan for your life."

    Anyway, thank you so much for allowing the Lord to use you through your blog.

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    Dear Anonymous, ๐Ÿ™‚

    Thank you for leaving a comment! I am so glad and blessed to know that this was a blessing to you.

    While I am not married, I can understand a bit of your feelings and I just want to tell you that your content heart is such a blessing to me. If it is not too bold, I will be praying for you–for wanting to have children is a godly desire and that time of waiting would be difficult. Press on toward peace in the Lord, sister, and I know our Lord will meet you and guide you.

    Once again, thank you so much for leaving a comment. It was a real blessing to me!

    Your sister in Christ, Frannie

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