God, this is a
beautiful time and I am so glad to be your daughter.

I know feelings are
like waves—undependable, quick to move—but at this time I feel like a patch of fresh
daffodils breaking out in the dawn. I feel like a plum tree full of white
blossoms; that is, I feel that these growing pains are okay and natural. That I’m
at rest and at peace with who I am and Who You are.

When it seems like
school will never end; when dreams fall through; when mistakes are made; when
the future is unknown I trust in You.

I trust in the God
Who counted Abraham’s faith as righteousness, the God Who loved David, the God Who
revealed Himself to Saul of Tarsus, the God Who sent His only Son to be the world’s Savior.

Learning to watch
and sing in the midst of growing pains; learning to delight in the heart of my Savior,

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3 thoughts on “Growing

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    How comforting it is to trust in our Savior in the times of joy, and in pain. Knowing that He is holding it all in His hands, we can rest in peace…


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