Guest Post // Four Ingredients for Hospitality

Guess what, dear readers?
I wrote a guest post.
And I’d love for you to visit its home … a lovely, bright blog named A Happy Homemaker. Carolann is the domestic queen reigning over there; her kindred spirit writes about the joys of being newly married. She also shares a lot of yummy recipes and really good material on anxiety. Her blog is a treat and one I know you’d love to check out.
While you’re there, check out the post I wrote titled Four Ingredients for Hospitality. It’s all about how to practice (and enjoy!) the biblical command of hospitality when you’re:
on a budget,
and full of other excuses.
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6 thoughts on “Guest Post // Four Ingredients for Hospitality

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    I really enjoyed your post, Frannie – it gave me happy sparkles to think of your pretty little home full of people eating and talking and enjoying each other's company. I'm sorry you had to sell your table, but I love the thought of having a picnic on the floor! It's a practical idea, yes; but it's also so cheery and cozy for company. I completely understand the difficulty of trying to entertain people when you're shy and would much rather spend a quiet evening at home, but it sounds like you're doing a wonderful job learning how to make it work for you and Dalton and your guests! I'm so proud of how you're growing and learning!!

    And I'm really glad you found some encouragement in my Captain's Log post – I will confess, you were one of the beautiful ladies I had in mind when I was writing those thoughts. I'm genuinely awed by your sweet, homey spirit and the way you pay so much attention to the details and womanly touches of your home. I love my life, but sometimes I wish I had the orientation toward home that you and the other ladies I was thinking of seem to have. Maybe having a home of my own one day will awaken something I don't know I have. 😉

    Anyway, please, never feel like what you're doing isn't important or worthwhile. Have you heard that C.S. Lewis quote that says that nothing else in the world matters if the home is not cared for? Look for it sometime if you haven't – the things you're doing may be "small," but I know they mean the world to Dalton, and they are very beautiful and womanly and so, so important in our technological, selfish culture. Any day you feel like you're wasting your time or like your world is too small, remember that I'm here, admiring you and cheering you on!

    (Sorry for the tome-length, caffeine-powered comment, but it's all true!!!)

    Have a wonderful Saturday with your beloved, my dear friend! I love you so much and I'm so happy that you're my sister!!!

    Hugs and hot tea,

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      Ah, Vickie, you are *wonderful!*

      Thank you for stopping by and bringing words of encouragement! Your post did bring a lot of needed contentment and happiness to me … and I appreciate your willingness to be so open and honest about your thoughts on homemaking! 🙂

      I do agree with you; having a home of your own will spark a domestic bliss you've never known. I believe it to be true because I've experienced it myself in some ways! I've also heard that its the same with children … which I hope is true because I sometimes have the hardest time with the little critters! But my mother always says, "It will be different with your own, Frannie. Don't worry." I believe her to be right. 🙂

      I am so thankful for you!!

      Lots of love!

      p.s. I wondered if I was one of the ladies then I went and wrote something about cleaning and how I loved it … and then I realized … 😀

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    those were some great ideas! I love to host people even though I'm terribly introvert but growing up in a home with a Dad who loved folks and now a husband who loves people I have grown to love it. And it's so much more fun in your own home. When I was real young my Mom got pretty stressed about it (though we still had people alot!) and I'm trying to learn to be relaxed. 🙂 Soup is also a very easy and cheap way to feed guests…it's my go to for our tight budget. 🙂

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      Miss Charis, your thoughts are always so encouraging and fun to have! I understand on learning to not stress … it is something I am still working on! 🙂 And soup is delicious and easily spread … great idea! 🙂

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