Guest Post // Growing Green Things with a Brown Thumb (OF DEATH)

Do you love growing green things but possess a brown, killer thumb?
Wish you could grow something other than various sorts of cacti?
Have you ever dreamed of planting veggies which actually grow?
If you tend to kill any poor tendril before it has a chance to bear fruit (or just enjoy learning something new) please stop over at Carolann’s cheery space, A Happy Homemaker.
Yesterday, she graciously hosted my post, Growing Green Things with a Brown Thumb (OF DEATH). In this short article you’ll learn a little of reversing your plant-killing-fortune and discover the magic of regrowing used veggies.
It really is magical
and quite a bit of fun.
Please leave a comment and while you’re there do check out Carolann’s place. She always has easy, fun recipes and lots of heartfelt encouragement for all. One of my favorite’s is Carolann’s Do You Thank Your Husband?
Much love, blessings and coffee to you!

2 thoughts on “Guest Post // Growing Green Things with a Brown Thumb (OF DEATH)

  1. Avatar

    *starry-eyed gasp*

    Your blog is so beautiful!!!! I'm seriously in love with it!! I'm going to go look for the blog that provided your graphics, but could you post a link to it sometime, just in case?

    Also, on my way to check out your guest post! I do have a brown thumb (OF DEATH), so I think it will be quite timely!!

    Love you, my dear!
    ~ Vicki

    1. Avatar

      Oh, Vickie, thank you!! Eeeee! That warms my heart.

      I've found my graphics at . She has th most beautiful free graphics! Also, I get some of my graphics using Picmonkey. 🙂 It's a free editing/designing site that is wonderful.

      Hahaha, brown thumbs (OF DEATH) unite!! So glad you're headed over to Carolann's to read it. Let me know what you think … I've had quite a bit of success ever since I figured the regrowing thing out.

      I love you!


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