Hard Weeks and Need // Coffee Series

Coffee With You SeriesGood morning, sweet people! Mmm! It’s a cold, early morning in our mid Missouri home and the perfect time to pull over a blanket, turn on a light and prepare coffee — join me for a cup, won’t you?

This Friday I am humbled. It’s been a long, rough week full of error on my part, hurt feelings, worry, disappointment, conviction and anger.

I’m not really sure why it’s been such a hard week for me; maybe it’s because I’m still (still!) not adjusted to my new schedule or because I’ve been on the go for the last two weeks and I’m running out of steam? Maybe I’ve been a grump because I’ve begun a sugar-fast until Thanksgiving and my poor, dessert loving soul is wilting and taking it’s anger cravings out on the world? I know I allowed past insecurities (which I thought I had dealt with) bubble to the top and effect my relationship with my husband and coworkers which resulted in some negative, jealous thoughts I failed to combat.

Agh, I’ve needed a lot of grace this week.

I’ve also refused a lot of grace this week.

It hurts to admit that I struggle balancing homemaking responsibilities with ten measly hours of work outside the home. It frustrates me to watch my (sweet, adorable, gentle) husband (happily!) put on dirty work pants because I forgot to wash them. It hurts to think that I haven’t published a scheduled, timely blog post in a while. It stings when I leave the library defeated feeling irate with student’s questions and energy and leaving books unorganized and stuffed in the return box. It makes me feel like a most unproductive worm when I fail to be able to cope with my few (wonderful) responsibilities.

It hurts to know that I let such simple issues defeat me and turn me from a grateful, loving heart.

But it’s okay.

It’s okay with my being weak because this is exactly when Christ will reveal Himself. When I cannot be both equally productive and equally good Christ reveals my need and His power. It’s okay that I really, really stink at giving up sugar and that I get jealous and sensitive sometimes — these are the exact reasons I need a Savior to continue the good work He began in me long ago.

Coffee with You

I need my Jesus and, to be honest, I cannot go on without him.

I cannot do all for His glory without His wonderful grace. I cannot accept my shortcomings without His gentleness. I cannot grow without His faithful conviction and enduring love.

I cannot. But He can.

With so much  love, blessings and coffee,


8 thoughts on “Hard Weeks and Need // Coffee Series

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    I’m so sorry to hear it’s been a hard week for you Frannie! Your thoughts on this really helped me.
    I have struggled for years to try to find a balance with my job and home and it’s still so hard! I’ve been resentful so many times that I can’t just be a housewife. I’ve let the housework get way behind on weeks where I work and then felt like a failure. I’ve gotten overwhelmed and then been grumpy to my family. Yet God has blessed me so much and continues to every day. Thank you for reminding me to rely on Him always!!! 🙂

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      Oh, Amy! I am so thankful for your open heart and friendship!

      I’m also thankful my thoughts were able to bless and encourage you. I know what it feels like to let things build up and then struggle feeling like a failure. I am so thankful God continues to pick you up despite the struggles and disappointments you’ve faced. I know your family is incredibly blessed by your pushing on!! 🙂

      I appreciate you!

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      Thank you so much, Miss Barbara! I so appreciate your constant friendship and encouragement!

      I am seeing the sunshine and feeling like I am becoming more and more whole. My sweet husband and fresh sunshine are seeing to that. ;D

      You are such a blessing to me!

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    Awww… Frannie! I pray that this coming week will be much less tumultuous in the emotions department. Accept that grace the LORD has bestowed, and don’t kick yourself when you feel overwhelmed with life.

    And yes, cutting back on sugar will reek havoc on your emotions. Take it from the girl who did a Whole30. Or better yet, ask my poor husband who was all too often in the line of fire… 😉

    Praying that you get, even if it is just 5 minutes, time to sit, enjoy a tall mug, while watching the changing of the seasons! Hugs to you! 😀


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      You are so sweet, girl! Thank you for the encouragement! I am a sensitive person and feeling oriented but I normally find ways to not let my emotions get in control. So when they all hit hard this week I could barely manage! ;D

      Thank you for your prayers. I found more then 5 minutes today and I am very much soaking up the changing seasons and a mug of goodness.

      Thankful for you!!

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    Oh, my dear sister, we all have those weeks and they are absolutely awful. I agree with your lovely comment on my blog, I wish we could commiserate over some caramel coffee and watch the drizzly autumn rain condensing on the window, while we think about how good and gentle our Father is and how patient our fellow humans can be.

    Life is hard. Our journey is hard, and sometimes we lose the battles. We still belong to the King; we are still clean in His eyes and still His pure, holy, beloved daughters. We can come to Him and let Him wash the grime off our feet, and He is more than happy to do so. Don’t let this week’s failures bring you down – rest this weekend, let the rain and cold crisp breeze refresh you, and remember that next week is all fresh, with no mistakes in it. 🙂

    I love you, dear girl. Keep leaning on Jesus!!


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      I love the Anne of Green Gables quote, the true words pointing back to our good, Heavenly Father and your sweetness. Thank you, thank you, thank you. <3

      I will be thinking about your reminder today and letting my dear Lord wash me off and set me up in a high place.

      Much love to you!

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