He Has Triumphed (And You Should Too) // Coffee Series

Hello and happy Friday to you!

Today is the perfect day for giving yourself a fresh reminder of God’s great love and sovereign care — grab yourself a mug of goodness and join me in something special.

For some of us Christians sin is a word that plagues us, weighing us down in depression and shame. I am a believer and follower of Jesus Christ yet I still struggle with trusting in His forgiveness of my sins. It’s not that I don’t believe in His forgiveness … it’s that I don’t feel it. Instead of feeling, trusting and rejoicing in God’s forgiveness I feel shame, regret and sorrow.

And I don’t think that’s how God intends for His children to live.

I don’t think God wants you to live that way.

Last Sunday our pastor shared some thoughts I’d like to share … I learned so much from his simple reminder.

God’s grace is bigger, greater and more efficient than our shame and sin.

If you are a believer and follower in Jesus Christ then you, my dear, can count on four (FOUR) wonderful things:

1. You have been made alive (meaning you are definitely not who you used to be … dead … a spiritual corpse … of no ability to live …)

2. He has forgiven your sins … of that lie, gossip, pornography, affair, greed that you committed.

3. And then nailed that sin debt to the cross which held Jesus.

4. Finally, our Abba God disarmed Satan and the power sin has (the power to control, the power of shame …) and, according to my thoughts, He danced in victory over them. Jesus was triumphant and you, dear one, are free to live!

Next time you feel overwhelmed by the shame of your past (confessed and forgiven) sins comfort yourself with the words of Colossians 2:13-15. Stop punishing yourself and start living in the freedom God’s amazing grace offers.

I promise that God’s grace will always be bigger, greater and more efficient then the past shame and sin you are reminded of.
You are loved, free and special,

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