High-Risk Pregnancy

High-risk pregnancy is scary. Miscarriages (misdiagnosed or not), bed rest, #PPROM, placental abruptions, ER trips, infections, in-utero diagnoses, trisomies, gestational diabetes, subchorionic hematomas (bleeding), and 7 months in the NICU are some of what we experienced during my first pregnancy.

I know how frightening it is to receive hard diagnoses’ or be told your baby has problems. Below are some of the blog posts I’ve written while during and after my experience. I want to use our adventure to encourage others walking the same journey. 

If you are experiencing PPROM (premature rupture of membranes) or are having a difficult pregnancy and need someone to reach out to, please leave a comment; I do my best to respond to each one. 

AuthenticVIrtue.com dealing with fear in your pregnancy
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