His Faithfulness is Seen Through the Year

Welcome to the Halbert Herald! For our first blog I thought I would share some of our ongoings.
Concerning Dad- He loves his job. He enjoys the Ozarks and working in and with it. Also, deer season has come and gone, but Dad’s antlers are proudly drying! I think Dad took two deer. Believe me when I say he loves hunting, and we’re so glad because he wasn’t able to hunt much in Alaska.
Momma is doing well. She has been much busy with various trips and I know she yearns for her home! There is certainly nothing better than a mother’s touch in a home…it makes everything go together. Momma was home Thanksgiving! Which was a great thing.
Allie is growing into a beautiful woman, and I mean that in many ways. With working at a daycare and taking classes she is busy and exhuasted. Right now in her EMT class she is studying about babies and she loves it.
Jeremiah is busy doing his school and making plans. Him and Daddy had much time together while hunting. Jeremiah also took two deer this year. His was bigger than Dad’s! He got a ten pointer! Praise the Lord. And on December 14th, Jeremiah will be 15! He is a young man!
Soon I’ll be finishing up this semester. I’m hoping to become a teacher. I was very much blessed by a gift of $2000.00 someone gave to my schooling not long ago. I was so blessed and cannot describe my/our gratitude and awe towards you and the Lord’s kindness. Some things I have been learning in my life is the trait of submission. I alway thought I was submissive, until God showed me just one aspect of it. To be submissive is to cheerfully go along with the plans others (especially my authorities) have made! With that one thought my world seems to have been turned around. I’m excited to have learned such an obvious yet needful thing. I was also richly blessed to be able to go to my 4th year of Charity Youth Bible School. The Lord was faithful and pointed out so many things in my life that He wants to work on. I also was blessed and priviledged to witness a friend’s courtship. I was so blessed to see a godly relationship that can/has brought about the good fruits of purity, trust, and holiness. Praise the Lord His ways are better than our ways!
As you all know, around July we bought a house that is settled in town. We’ll try to put some pictures up soon! We are still settling in and wonder why we have so much.
Jeremiah and I are anxiously waiting for the snow to come. It was a blessing to see the frost covering the ground the other day; I even had to scrape my windshield with my library card!
We have been richly blessed this past year. It’s almost a whole year since we left Alaska. Life here together is so interesting and fun, yet there are so many people and things we miss. Praise God for all of the changes He has brought us through.
May God bless you as Christmas time approaches.
With love, The Halbert Family.

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