Home Again, Home Again // Las Vegas Honeymoon

It’s official.

I love traveling with my darling man.

Not only do I have someone to tote the large suitcase onto scary, metal escalators but there’s a constant hand to hold + smile to find … even when we’re lost + travel weary.

Our (late) honeymoon was a blast. We flew to Las Vegas + spent ten warm, sun-shiny days touring the strip + lounging in the lazy river at our resort. A very kind friend had given us a week of his time share so we were able to really feel at home in a Wyndham apartment.

We spent hours walking the strip, eating gelato + exploring the sites.


One of our favorite discoveries was Las Vegas’ Chinatown. While there we ate at Mother’s Grill, a beautiful Korean restaurant.
Afterwards, we explored a busy grocery store full of foreign foods, fresh meat + produce.

Trinket shops were full of adorable items + hilarious signs.

And we wandered into one shop that was full of dried goods including shark fin, mushrooms + ginseng. Everything was amazingly expensive …

The Hershey Chocolate store was lovely … every type of candy lined the shelves.

Often times, we’d prepare our own meals at our apartment … Dalton loves pickle juice + took full advantage of the lovely glasses we found in the cupboard.
And many nights we spent watching a movie with the fireplace ablaze, snuggled close.
It was a really special trip + one I’m so thankful we could go on. Now we are back home + making the most of our days here … but we will always be able to look back to this trip + smile!

10 thoughts on “Home Again, Home Again // Las Vegas Honeymoon

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      Hello, Miss Elizabeth!

      Yes, the apartment was a real joy .. it was such a gift being able to have somewhere we could call "home." Even for a few days!

      Thank you for your love and well-wishes. You are appreciated!

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    Wow!!! What wonderful photos – it looks like you guys had a wonderful time! Thank you so much for sharing your pics with us! The pictures from the Hershey store remind me of "Wreck-It Ralph," but I think my favorite photo is those three weird catfish!! What faces to be staring back at you!!! :-O

    I'm glad you're back, but I'm SO glad you guys got to have such a nice time. 🙂 I pray that the Lord would smooth your transition back into a routine and help you feel refreshed!


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      Hahaha, oh Vickie! Those catfish are my favorites too! My D too that picture and said, "Hey, they look like a trio!" I imagine them singing!! 😀

      Thank you for your love and prayers. The transition home has been (weirdly) a little strange and also so good. I love sleeping in my own sheets and washing my own dishes. Ah, home. It is good!!

      Love to you!

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