Home Sweet Home—With a Vision

Greetings in the name of Jesus Christ!
After three stretching, altering and amazing months I am now safely home. My trip to Ghana, West Africa was, putting it painfully simple, a blessed time. Three months of teaching and experience . . . how can I begin to share my full heart? First, thank you all for your prayers as I know that I had people praying for me and I know that your prayers were heard by our Heavenly Father.
I had hoped to be able to keep updates flowing out but . . . hehe, it did not happen. And that is okay! I need a little debriefing time anyways so for the next few months I’ll be sharing my experiences and lessons which I learned while in Ghana. In the course of the thirteen week program we went through ten or so classes; quite a studious and stretching time! But I am so thankful for each class and the required work–it forced me to sit up and practice being a soldier.
I look forward to sharing as time permits–thank you all for your faithful stopping by!
God bless you,

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    Welcome back, dear Frannie girl!!! I know this is WAY overdue but I am delighted you are back. I still think it is so neat you got to go! Your mama has been forwarding me your updates while you were in Ghana. Sounds like you had a very good time there. I love you and I miss you VERY much! God bless you as you fulfill the place He has for you. I know how lost and unsure you can feel after you get back from a mission trip.

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