Homemade Chandeliers

Greetings dear one!
I never fully understood what dear Anne meant when she said, “I think I would probably come to the conclusion that I’d like it for a while … but in the end, I’d still prefer the sound of the wind in the firs across the brook more than the tinkling of crystal.” –Anne of Green Gables
However, once I caught a glimpse of God’s homemade chandeliers (the above photo), I knew that I may enjoy a palace with golden lights, fine linen, lovely gardens, and pretty dresses for a while … but in the end I would prefer ice on trees reflecting like Christmas lights at night, wildflowers on the side of the road, creeks to play in, and the life Christ has given me. 🙂 
May the Lord bless you as you find joy in what he has given!!
With love,

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