Hospitality and Cupcakes // Taking Your Love to Their Door

Hospitality is the warm thing we all know and love. Fresh baked cookies, iced tea and friendly conversation come to mind whenever we hear sermons on the topic.

I love that sort of hospitality. It’s open, raw and stretching.

But there is another kind.

Reaching out and knocking on someone else’s door.

I’ve written about hospitality a lot on this blog; it’s a subject I love. But I have a confession. I don’t open my door nearly as much as I would like to. Because my Darling Man’s weekend takes place in the middle of the week we don’t do a lot of hosting. We often travel away from home on his days off and by the time he ends his ten hour shift we both want to introvert and enjoy each other’s company.

So, what’s a gal to do?

How can you reach out when you have a crazy work schedule, are often out of town or in a season of life which keeps you from the traditional sense of hospitality?

Reach out and knock on someone else’s door.

The new neighbor who moved across the street would love to meet you and receive a platter of freshly made cupcakes. Reach out to the elderly man next door; he may love to gab with you for fifteen, twenty, thirty minutes. Drop off small goody baskets at neighbor’s doors around the holidays; include a small, handwritten note with a Scripture verse. Stop and visit with the grandmother outside as you head down the street for an afternoon walk. Buy a package of girl scout cookies from the little girl who lives two houses down.

The opportunities abound.

And the blessings are far more rewarding than the effort.

Do you remember someone reaching out to you? How did that make you feel?

With so much love, a cup of coffee and freshly made scones!


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