House Show (And Other Little Events)

Life has begun to hum with the steady and rhythmic buzz of normality. Being married almost four months, we no longer have to purposefully call each other husband or wife as it seems we have always been married, the laundry gets done in a scheduled manner, and each day carries it’s own particular meaning. Tuesdays and Wednesdays are our days off, Thursday is cleaning day, and the following tend to be spent in various projects.
Along with daily routine comes the fun fact that our little home is looking more and more homey–something we both really enjoy. I thought you might enjoy a small peek into our little apartment and see what progress has been doing. (From left to right 🙂

1. Come in! I love our front porch and enjoy sitting in our (hehehe … totally free, curb-side find) chairs. As you step into our living room you’ll see a bookcase full of books, our new (and much comfier!) couches, and a super fun coffee table snagged from the aisle of the local Goodwill. 🙂
2. Next, you will walk into the dining room full of light, and air and space. 🙂 My mother’s baking rack (passed down) sits on the side of the wall holding a few books, kitchen nick-nacks, and our fish, Basket. The fourth picture shows the wall facing back into the living room. My favorite wall! The Duncan picture over head was a thoughtful wedding present and I love the way it looks! 
3. I love our kitchen! So much like a little hobbit hole. 🙂 Not much has changed in here from the last update except some organization behind the scenes. The last photo hides one of sweetest of rooms in the house. Our sunroom had been buried in boxes and knick-nacks. After many weeks of weeding-out things we no longer needed, packing some away, and finding places for the rest it began to look livable. Our Craigslist furniture find resulted in buying a set of couches–one in the living room and the other in here. I always like drinking my coffee in this little area. 🙂 So fun!

It has been so much fun settling in–who knew it would take a few months? Dalton and I really treasure his days off. I try to join him and let all domestic duties and pursuits take a rest as we enjoy going about the city together.
1. Last week we went to see How to Train Your Dragon. A film we both really enjoyed!
2. Sometimes we travel outside of Jeff City. Last month we toured Columbia’s downtown (super fun!), stuffed ourselves with soup and breadsticks at Olive Garden (thanks to a lovely couple’s wedding gift!), and explored the one of the college campus’ gardens. Dalton is sneaking his signature on an oblivious person. 😉
3. Making lists, to-do’s, and budget plans! I’m a list-making fool … and can’t get enough of it. Now to finish my lists …
4 – 5. We had such a good time when my cousin and brother came to visit. I was so blessed to have their company and we had lots of fun walking downtown, touring the capital building, playing in the fountains, and trudging through the Missouri river’s muddy banks.
6. A dear friend gave us this chalkboard and I have so much fun changing it from time to time. Chalkboards always add so much personality to its home.
Thanks so much for your love and encouragement! I love having friends all over the world who are so sweet as to share in my little bits of joy!
God bless you richly!

4 thoughts on “House Show (And Other Little Events)

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    It all looks so lovely…but I couldn't enlarge the tiny pictures to see it more clearly!
    It's clear that you are enjoying your new home together and making it your own.
    I can't remember if I thanked you for your charming letter which came safely here.

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    Your house looks simply lovely Frannie! Very cute and homey! You have done a wonderful job fixing up your nest. I have a chalkboard in my kitchen as well, they are such a great way to change up the scenery on a wall every now and then. 😀

    Have a wonderfully blessed day my friend!

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    Oooooooh, you've done so much beautiful work on your house!! It looks so warm and fresh and cozy! You've done a wonderful job with the décor – I like the little wreaths I see in some of the smaller pictures, and I reeeally like that long blue-and-white rug. Where did you get the nameplate sign on the front of the house? It's so pretty! 🙂

    Thank you for sharing your updated pictures, Frannie! It's been fun to follow along and watch it change from an empty house to a very pretty home! 🙂


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    Oh, I love each of your sweet words!

    O Mrs. Elizabeth, I am so glad you got my letter! It was very over due but full of love and thankfulness. I went back and enlarged the pictures–you are right! They were too small.

    O Dear Angel, Thank you! for you sweetness! I love seeing pictures of your home too–provides me some inspiration! 🙂

    O Sweet Vickie, I love your kindness!! Dalton's sister painted that sign for us. Isn't it perfect!? It goes perfectly with our nesting/bird décor. 🙂

    Love and blessings to each of you!

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