How to Be Okay When You Have Adult Acne

Sometimes life feels really hard.

Like —  I can’t wear my favorite dress today because its obvs that those lattes’ don’t vanish into air — hard.
Or — my adult acne is begging for me to cover my face in a medieval veil — hard.
 Seriously, zit. You’re the size of a baby’s nose and make my chin look like it was lonely and grew a twin.
One chin is enough; can I get an amen?
Yes, sometimes life feels really hard and sometimes it can make us feel ugly. Ugly, insecure and afraid.

How can we succeed at life when we can’t even look in the mirror without groaning? How do we accomplish dreams when we feel like the universe is against us?


step back and give thanks.

Life seems harder then it is when we forget to be thankful. Did you wake up today? Did you happen to have breakfast, lunch and dinner? Did you have someone who cared enough to ask how your day was? Those are blessings; practice thankfulness and acknowledge that your life really isn’t as bad as it feels.


remember who you are.

If you’re a human being then you are a miracle (if you’re not human then we’ve got to chat!). You might not feel like a miracle but you are. Your heart beats without manual pump-age, your eyes take in morning sunrises and your fingerprints are unique. You might be having a hard day and you probably don’t feel beautiful but you are breathtakingly made.


do the hard thing and move on.

It’s a hard thing to accept acne, frizzy hair and poundage or skinnyism (take your pick; we all think we suffer from one or the other). But there is power in acknowledging that yes, I look ugly today, but I’m not going to let that affect my day. You find freedom when you can say to the mirror, “I choose to happy today with myself.” There is happiness when you can let go of your fear and insecurities and just be you.

So next time you suffer from adult acne and want to hide under your covers and eat chocolate all day, don’t. Give thanks, remember Who made you and move on; choose joy and focus on making others see the beauty this world holds.

And you’ll realize that your day isn’t really as hard as it seems.

3 thoughts on “How to Be Okay When You Have Adult Acne

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    Frannie, you look lovely! I know there are days when I just don't want to look in a mirror. The only thing to do is to take a deep breath and find something to be thankful for!

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    Firstly, you're beautiful and adorable and I love you. You work so hard to be optimistic and cheerful, and it does my moody heart good.

    Secondly, I went back and read this comment again this evening, and it made my day. Thank you and bless you again for the "little" things that I know you did with grace and sunshine today … and hugs to you over any rain clouds that may have dampened your day. You are such an encouragement to me!!!

    Hugs to you, dear sister!
    ~ Vicki

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    Frannie, you are SO funny! Too much raw cream has not been good for my bathroom scale, and I have a zit on the end of my nose! Thanks for making me smile.

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