How to Come to God When You Have Done It AGAIN

          It is Wednesday, August 28, 2013 and I’ve
done it again. I’ve sinned; fallen short of the glory of God. I chose to serve
myself before Him.  I had an unfaithful
heart. I was ungrateful. I was unkind. I was disobedient. I was judgemental or
compromising. I was _________ (you pick). Sin has a tricky way of sneaking up
in my life; as James says, sin starts as a thought, turns into an action, the
action turns into sin, and sin turns into death. It’s a cycle I experience far
too often and sometimes I wake up feeling like I can’t go to God again. I can’t
face Him. I can’t.

          Have any of you felt this way? As if
the void you created (again) between you and God is far too wide and long to be
breached? As if coming before Him (again) is too much to ask for?

          “God, I’m not worthy enough,” you say.

          “I’ve gone too far”

          “I’m lost.”

          Wait one minute, sister. On
your own you are not worthy enough. In your eyes you are too far away. Without
Jesus you are lost. But Jesus doesn’t
stop there
. He does not refuse any one who calls on Him in true repentance.
Instead, He sits on His mercy seat, interceding for us. For me! For you! The
very God who is holy and righteous, who watched you commit the very act you
hate, is the same God Who loves you and calls you back to Him.

          This is His promise, dearie.
Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ; repent, stand up, and let Him work beauty
from those ashes.
         Love to you!


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