How to Have a Peace-filled Home on a Budget


Peace-filled Home on a Budget

We’ve all been there before.

That special friend’s house where, upon walking in, you feel peace filling every nook and cranny. It’s a home full of love and you know that no matter how busy life is you’re glad you took the time to stop by and be welcomed in.

Sweet friend, you can have that too.

No matter you’re budget, home size or personal style (or lack thereof, haha!) you can have a peace-filled home and I’m going to share with you the three ways I’ve discovered for accomplishing that goal.

First, and most difficulty, to have a peace-filled home you must have a peace-filled heart. A relaxing color scheme and decluttered living space will not matter if your heart is discontent and full of fear or anger. I promise, your home will feel that way too.

“But we can’t always be happy and contended, Frannie! Life happens and sometimes it just stinks!”

I know, I’ve been there. But I believe that it is possible to be at rest even when life is crazy, frustrating and downright draining. How? By choosing to rejoice in the Lord and trusting that He is able to work all things for good. When we choose to be grateful for the little things and trust in our Lord Jesus’ care then even the hardest of days cannot take our peace.

Secondly, start small and practical. Our homes are one step closer to being peace-filled when we take little steps in that direction. Light a yummy smelling candle, donate the extra things that clog your hallway and closet, wipe down the bathroom sink. Make your bed every day —  it’s a small, practical effort that will make your whole bedroom appear cleaner than it may be (hehehee … we all have a few dustbunnies yet to be conquered). Start small and soon your home will begin to feel peace-filled.

Finally, be yourself. We feel most at home and most at rest when our homes are decorated in a way that reflects our true selves. I know because I’ve tried it! 🙂 When we copy the latest fads, Better Home and Garden’s cover or our best friend’s style we might end up with a cute house but it will not be peace-filled. So, if you love burlap use burlap! If you find the beach-themed décor totally adorable then use it. Never compromise your personal style for the sake of fashion.

Sweet friend, it is totally possible to have a peace-filled home on a budget! Remember that peace begins in your heart, starts small and blossoms when you stay true to who you are. In what way have you created a peace-filled home? Share with us! I know we’d all love to hear!

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4 thoughts on “How to Have a Peace-filled Home on a Budget

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    Frannie, you are right. We don’t need ‘Better Homes’ or ‘Country Living’ to create a peaceful home.
    It’s an attitude of mind, a love for our surroundings however tiny, and lots of fresh flowers that makes a home special!

    1. Avatar

      Hello, Miss Barbara!

      You are so right! 🙂 I particularly enjoyed reading your statement, “It’s an attitude of mind, a love for our surroundings however tiny, and lots of fresh flowers that makes a home special!” That is a truth that brings many blessings when remembered.

      Also, I have been needing to stop by your blog for sometime and offer an apology!! I am so sorry for having not mailed your giveaway package yet! Ah! I am sorry and do hope to do it soon. Some other things got in the way this month and I’ve been holding off sending packages.

      With much love and blessings to you !

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