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Around here, budgeting is a big deal and something my husband is *really good at.* We set aside money for fixed expenses including utilities, tithe, rent, gas, food and odds-and-ends. Budgeting was a little tricky in the beginning, but for the most part, we’ve learned what we need and how much money should go into each “area.” We then save what is leftover.
Sometimes the end of the month can be really tight so when we discovered an extra $40 left in the gas budget (thank you $1.78 gas prices!) we knew we could have a little fun. First, we put $20 away for end-of-the-month emergencies (things like a low gas tank or unexpected necessaries) and decided to spend $20 on something fun. 🙂 The first $12 went to lunch at a local eatery and the remaining $8 was split evenly between us … and we went for a “spree” in the Hyvee grocery store. 🙂
Now, if you’ve never been to Hyvee let me have the honor of introducing you.
It’s a place where fairies are born and every possible ounce of goodness is manufactured and wrapped in the fairest packaging. I’m fairly certain happy hobbits stock the cheese shelves themselves … of course, they use ladders because the shelves are tall and lined with every kind of cheese. And my! I can’t tell you how lovely the bakery is — bagels, doughnuts, freshly baked bread and every delicious pastry sits behind glass covered cases. I’m convinced the very best baker of all the bakers found his way into the kitchen of Jefferson City’s Hyvee.
Which is funny when I tell you who the “Muffin Man” is … did you catch my nursery rhyme? 
The kind man who waited on us was a mustached gentleman named Guy who has worked in the bakery for thirty years.
And this tall, mustached, jolly man who has baked for thirty-years is pretty magical in my opinion.
We walked about for an hour deciding how to spend our fortune. Dalton was attempting to choose between a slab of meat from the butcher, a special protein drink or a deliciously large grapefruit. I was struggling over a $3 African Violet or visiting Guy and his bakery.
Needless to say, Dalton settled on $4 worth of thick-sliced bacon and I decided on a $1 crème horn, a $1.50 specialty brownie, and a $1.50 salted caramel mini cupcake.

Satisfied with our spree, we journeyed home. The cupcake was thoroughly enjoyed between us (and a fresh cup of coffee!). Bacon has been on the breakfast menu all week. 

And that, my dears, is one way to make a date out of $8. It really doesn’t cost a lot to make memories and have fun with your spouse — even if you haven’t got $8 to your name, enjoy strolling your favorite grocery store, country lane or downtown park. 🙂

Have you ever been excited over a little bit of money? How did you spend it? Or, maybe you have a really good (and cheap!) date idea. I’d love to hear all about it!

With love and a yummy crème horn!


5 thoughts on “How to Make a Date out of $8 | Hyvee Magic

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    You guys are just way too adorable!!! What a wonderful date! I wish I'd been a fly on the wall (or a nondescript little worker behind the meat counter) so I could have watched you picking out your treats! *wipes happy tears from eyes*

    I love you, dear friend!!


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    love this! and it's so true – we love figuring out fun yet cheap dates. One of our favorites is splitting a bowl at Chipotle (you can ask for tortillas on the side) and sharing a drink at a coffee shop. Fits our budget, yes. 🙂 and it is fun!

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    \ Dear Miss Elizabeth, you are so right in saying that half the fun is in the choosing!! We had a blast! <3

    \ Oh, Vickie, I always love your comments. 🙂 You are such a *dear heart* I would have loved to have had you as the proverbial fly on the wall … then I'd turn you back into Vickie and share my goodies with you!!!

    \ Miss Heather, you're so right!! 😀 It really is such a treat being married to my guy! Who knew $8 could be so much fun?!

    \ Charis, yum! Your Chipolte idea sounds delish!! We'll have to give it a try!!

    love and blessings

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