If I Was, I’d Be

It’s a great day for a little bit of coffee, relaxation and fun. The sun is shining and, as a blogger, I need a little silliness to lighten my load. One of my favorites shared this little bit of fun and her answers made me smile.

So, I’m carrying it on.

If i was…

a month: November

What other month has the excitement of upcoming holidays, first snows and winter coats?

a day of the week: Monday

It’s time to start. Plans, coffee, to-do lists and opportunities await. Let’s go.

a planet: Earth

It’s full of beauty, noise, life, quiet and God-made things. 

a sea animal: Sea Lion

They’re soft, cute and like to flop on each other. Plus they can swim … and all I can do is doggy paddle.

d91287ba73c0c2d50ab7c1bc0270282da piece of furniture: Front porch rocking chair

These pieces of furniture always offer comfort.  You can sleep, talk, and relax in these beautiful creatures. I’ve seen a lot of porches but the best have rocking chairs.

a gemstone: Aquamarine

This is my Beloved’s birth stone which makes it my most favorite. Plus, it is a delightful blue.

a flower: Morning Glory  

Because there’s nothing better then waking up early in the morning and facing the sunshine. Plus, Morning Glories come in all sorts of soft colors.

a kind of weather: Sunshine and soft breezes

Not hot, just warm enough for late afternoon walks with my Darling Man.

a color: Cornflower blue and buttercream yellow

These colors were the theme of my mom’s beautiful, Alaskan kitchen wallpaper.

an emotion: Rest

Peaceful contentment.

a fruit: Apple 

With nutty peanut butter.

a sound: My Keurig buzzing with fresh, hot brew in the morning

Yum. Is there anything better then this sound? It’s busy, quiet, soft and full of delicious promise.

an element: Water

Because I am both flexible and solid, quiet and loud, transparent and occasionally turbulent.

a place: Sitting on the trampoline looking at blue skies, white clouds and sunshine through Alaskan birch trees

This is my most impressionable, sensory-rich memory and it fills me with so many good thoughts.

a taste: Warm banana bread with butter spread across it.

Yum. Yum. Yum. YUM! 🙂 

a scent: Good, fresh black coffee 

Hello, morning. Is there anything better? I can’t think of anything more alert and welcoming?

an object: A chalkboard freshly washed or yellow paint

These things hold so much creative promise.

a body part: Probably a nose

A freckled, slightly upturned nose.

a song: Currently, this and this.  

a pair of shoes: flats, please.

Because nothing is cuter then a pair of flats with a flowy skirt. Right?

If you were, what would you be?

Love, blessings and coffee,


4 thoughts on “If I Was, I’d Be

    1. Avatar

      Eeeep! I can’t wait to see yours … but in the mean time many hugs and blessings to you as you cross your way through fog and storms. I am *so blessed* to know that you know Who is in the storm with you and I am blessed by Him knowing He will be with you all the way through.

      Love to you!

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