What Our 2020 Looked Like

Hello, friends!

I can’t believe it’s been over a year since I wrote! Wow! How I wish I could pour each of us a cup of whatever you like best, sit beneath a warm window full of sunlight, and hear how you have been. Instead, we’re left with just words and I’ll do my best to paint you a picture of our world and, I hope, through leaving a comment, you’ll update me on your own life! Here’s a quick overview of our 2020 blessings!

We bought a house …

Currently, Uriah is napping and I’m snuggled up in our two-story home we bought in September of 2020! We have always been renters and we especially loved our little stone house on the edge of town. But, last Autumn we took a big step and bought our first home!

It’s a beautiful, partially refinished 1915 home that used to be used for a doctor’s office and living space. We’re tucked in the Old Muchinburg neighborhood and are just a few blocks away from downtown, icecream and coffee shops, and I can see the florist from the playroom window!

I’ll share more pictures in the future but it’s a dreamy older home with pillars in the entry way, original windows, a cast iron fireplace, a beautiful laundry room, and a semi-large yard (considering we live near downtown).

There have been lots of challenges with owning an older home especially since it needed lots of love and tending; we have roofing and landscaping planned for this summer and I’m in a very slow process of painting each room.

But the joys are still outweighing the cost of homeownership!

One of the joys is that we are now small business owners and run an Air BnB in the second floor above us! One of these days I’ll share more about our little apartment but I’ve got to say that it has been one of the most enjoyable “jobs” I’ve ever had!

We’ve stayed healthy …

One of the great blessings of 2020 is that all three of us have stayed healthy! Uriah, our now four year-old, only had two colds the entire year and we are so thankful for that gift!

When Covid season first appeared we made the difficult choice to continue our social distancing we always enter during flu season. So, we have actually been social distancing and avoiding unnecessary public appearances since November 2019!

God has been so good and we enjoyed daily walks last spring and summer and were able to keep up with Uriah’s therapy classes via Zoom!

Speaking of Uriah …

This little boy is still our biggest blessing! He brings our family an abundance of light and laughter with his funny humor, sweet personality, and hard work!

He is using a walker to walk when out and about, he scoots around the house, says “dada, mama, and done” and a myriad of other consonant and vowel sounds, uses an AAC device (emergent level) to request and discuss things, and is doing 4 days of online Zoom classes and preschool time with mama.

Some of his most exciting medical growth comes with no longer using a ventilator when sleeping and it looks like his airway may be safe and, Lord willing, he may be able to eat by mouth soon! (A scope will be happening soon to confirm this).

Overall, we had many blessings in a hard year for so many …

… and we are very humbled and grateful for this. It’s been a long year full of loneliness and isolation but we were able to keep Uriah healthy and for Dalton to continue working and we cherish those two great gifts God has given!

I would love to know how you have been doing, dear friends …

Please leave a message below or visit me on Instagram here!

I look forward to staying in touch!

Love and blessings!

2 thoughts on “What Our 2020 Looked Like

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    Frannie, what a joy to see you here today. I have so often wondered how you were and how Uriah was doing. What a lovely little biy he looks, you must be so happy.
    And a new house! That’s wonderful. AirBNB is a big thing here in UK. I imagine you enjoy giving hospitality.
    I hope to read more of your life as and when you have time.

    1. Avatar

      Hello, Barbara! I have to confess as I was writing this I was desperately hoping you would see it! I have missed you and you and your lovely flowers have been on my mind! How are you doing? I wonder if you are still blogging and will stop over soon!! Love and blessings to you!

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