Inviting You

Eeeee! It is with great jubilation
that I announce that the invitations have been sealed and stamped … ready for their
great adventure within the mailing system!

If you were hoping to receive one
of these little creatures, drop me a note along with your mailing address at

I am so thankful to have each
of you in my life—you are quite wonderful, dearies! Wishing we could settle
into the sofa for a chat and some chai tea!


5 thoughts on “Inviting You

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    Eeee, I want one so badly and I'd love to be there … I have no idea how I'd ever work that out … but like I said, I will absolutely be there in spirit! I can hardly wait! 😀


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    Frannie! I don't know where I've been for the previous posts, but I just saw today that you're engaged and getting married. I am so happy for you!!

    If you get the chance at some point down the road (I'm sure you're swamped in planning and preparation right now ;), would you mind sending me an email? I would really love to ask your advice and experience on a few things regarding relationships…


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