It’s the Little Things that make the World Beautiful

Tea for days? Mhmmm!

Ah … Wednesdays. It’s a great day to be enjoying the little things in life. Things like beautiful boxes of tea, sunshine, Mr. Salt and Mrs. Pepper bunny shakers, a stomach full of sweetened oatmeal, morning kisses, surprise bed + breakfasts (that will tucked in another post), good music and the promise of family visits.

What are you enjoying today? Are there any adventures, quiet or not, finding you this Spring? 

Love, blessings and coffee,


2 thoughts on “It’s the Little Things that make the World Beautiful

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    Well, my shades at work are drawn…..but I can hear the pitter patter and drip drop of the rain!!!!! Makes me feel snuggly! But thunderstorm weather is on its way!

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    I love that, despite your busy work day, you took the time to listen to the rain and enjoy the feeling it gave. I really, really like that, Mom!

    Love you!

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