I’ve got a surprise!

Greetings dear sisters in Christ! I hope this finds each of you filled with peace and love for our Creator as you face your day.

Well, as my title reads, I have a  surprise! And it deals with you all and the two polls on my side bar. . .I am wanting to host my first give away! There’s no special occasion; I just know how much fun I get from entering a give away and thought that I could be a blessing and share the joy!

You may wonder what I’m giving away? Well, that’s where you come in! In one week (Saturday the 22nd of 2010)  I will add up the most popular choices on the two polls- the most played instrument and the favorite drink. That will decide what I giveaway. My idea is to find a lovley and godly cd featuring the top-picked instrument and also to find something that goes along with the most favorite drink! I’m excited!
So, after this week is over I will add the choices, go shopping, and then come back and let you all know how to enter! I hope this works! 🙂 What you can do in the meantime is vote on the two polls and invite your friends (if they’d like!). The more the merrier and the better chance for a less played instrument–wouldn’t a harp be pretty?
I cannot tell you how excited I am for this.  🙂
Have a blessed week!

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    Oh Momma! It is so sweet that your looking at my blog! Of course you can do it too! It will be fun! I love you and miss you and I hope you have a great day! God bless you!

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