Joyfilled Easter + Me // Coffee Series

Hello, lovelies!!
Open your windows, pull up a chair and rejoice with me over a cup o’ coffee — our Lord is so merciful! I rejoice in His great kindness! Easter was only a few weeks ago but I am still reflecting on it.
This year Easter was different for me.
For as long as I can remember my Easters as a Christian have been marked with shame and sorrow. In preparation for the holiday I spent days remembering how my sinful self drove Jesus to His cross; I let the holiday become a reminder of sin and shame instead of a reminder of the victory I have in Jesus.
This year I dared to think differently.
I chose to rejoice, to sing.
Instead of weeping over past sins I chose to believe in the peace God’s redemption guarantees.
Rather than focus on personal holiness I remembered that
Of course, I believe that there is a time to remember why Jesus came to the cross; to reflect on His work in our lives. But I am convinced that God is more glorified by a rejoicing, thankful spirit rather than a sorrowful soul.
And the amazing thing is that my Easter was lovely. I was away from family, had a darling husband who worked, alone in my little home.
But I was so glad — Jesus has saved me and I am redeemed — why shouldn’t I rejoice?
It has taken me a long time to get to this point; some days I discover I’ve jumped back into the mud of despondency and sorrow. But Jesus carries me through and for that I will rejoice.
What blessings have you discovered lately?
With love, blessings and raspberry tea,

6 thoughts on “Joyfilled Easter + Me // Coffee Series

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      So, so glad it blessed you!

      I think we all get tied up in our own shame from time to time. Thank the LORD He is faithful to point us back to the cross.

      Blessings to you sweet lady!

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      Sweet Megan, Hello!!!

      It *is* good to reconnect even if it is over miles and miles. I always love seeing the pictures you share on google+

      I really appreciate you hoping over here — it would be so nice to reconnect in real life. 🙂

      Looking forward to keeping in better touch with

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