The Joyful Servant Heart

Nicolas-Bernard-Lepicie-xx-Servant-Girl-Plucking-a-ChickenGreetings dear sisters,
I hope this finds you all well and warm during this winter season; it has gotten very cold in our area, in fact, we had our first snow today!! Praise the LORD! It is quite late tonight, but a thought came to me which I cannot pass by. I have so much to learn and am thankful for the period of singleness Christ has given me; this time is a time for me to observe and learn from various couples and also from the Word of God on what marriage is and can be.
Like many young ladies I have the desire to marry, Lord willing, my “Jim dear.” :o) I have been thinking on the characteristics, struggles, and responsibilities of being a wife. Lately, the thought of serving my husband by cooking, washing, cleaning, and raising children all sound like sweet chores I could bear cheerfully. I can imagine myself smiling sweetly while caring for my duties. But then the thought came, “DO I do this now?” Do I serve my family faithfully without a grumble or complaint? Lately, I have found myself forming a bad habit—I will serve somewhat cheerfully for about five days and then, humph, the “I’m tired, over-worked, and under-paid” attitude surfaces. Is this the faithful, loving, and servant like heart that Christ desires to give me? Or is this a slothful, sinful, and self-serving attitude? Does this character quality build or tear apart my family? Hmm. . .I afraid this attitude I’ve been displaying tears my family down.   
I find it difficult to believe that what I practice now will not carry into my future. Sure, cooking, cleaning, and serving my own family sounds like sweet bliss now, but how will I act when my kitchen is messy, my dear husband is late, the mountain of laundry appears insurmountable, and little Timmy desperately needs my attention on his math homework? Will I sacrifice what I believe are my rights? Will I cheerfully bear the cross Christ has given as He did His? Oh, by God’s grace, I hope too. But until that time, I think I need to practice serving consistently and faithfully, full of joy and peace. Some practical things I can do to accomplish my goal are: 1. Read and meditate on the Scriptures which speak about servant hood, being a virtuous woman and being a godly wife. 2. Daily give up my rights and learn cheerful, sacrificial love for my family. 3. Learn to find my joy in the Lord whether my circumstances be pleasant or not ( I think this is a big one!). 🙂
Dear sisters, it is my hope to be the woman I dream of being. . .perhaps you feel the same way? Let us press on in our walk with Jesus, lovingly obeying Him; He will give us the desires of our heart!! T sum it all up, here are two quotes that I truly appreciate. I have shared them before, but they fit so nicely:

“An undutiful daughter will prove an unmanageable wife.” -Benjamin Franklin
“If you would have a good wife, marry one who has been a good daughter.” -Thomas Fuller
God bless you sisters!
With love,
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2 thoughts on “The Joyful Servant Heart

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    Very well written, Frannie! It is convicting material, and I have often thought on it myself. Keep up the good work. I'll be seeing you in eight days.


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    Ah yes, this area of life can be quite difficult. But it is God's loving and kind character showing us areas we need to work on!! 🙂 (Even though it is sometimes painful).

    We look forward to seeing you!!
    In Christ's name, Frannie

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