July: Goals and Favorites

Happy July, sweet people!

Can you believe that we are only months away from school beginning again? Or that we are five short months from Christmas time? (Oh, boy! I personally cannot wait for my first winter in the bungalow to begin … hot chocolate, snow, Christmas lights glistening in the cold downtown air, walking muffed hand in muffed hand with my beloved … )

But before I get too far down dream alley I need to get some things done. So here are my goals and favorites for July.


o Paint the front door
I’ve been wanting to paint our front door for so long! I’ve been doing my research and cannot wait to get this project done.

0 Change last name
Hehehe … I’m not technically, legally, Mrs. Frannie Anne Duncan … yet. I had a small misunderstanding of the legal process of changing one’s maiden name which has created a big mishap in applying for college this semester. Need to get that resolved.

o Visit the zoo
Yes! It is on our to-do list. (Funny how you need to schedule such things.) I cannot wait to visit the St. Louis zoo next weekend, Lord willing!

0 Clean basement
Our dryer doesn’t have a vent for it to … vent itself. The poor, ancient creature deposits the collected lint along the ceilings, wall, and floor of our basement. You can imagine what horrors the lint-webs create.

0 Finish one library book
I have been loving our library. I hope to finish Country Living’s Simple Country Wisdom this month — I highly recommend this lovely book!

0 Make and freeze homemade hot pockets
I found a delicious recipe for homemade hot pockets. D loves them and I plan on making plenty and freezing them for quick, yummy lunches.


0 “Old Pine” by Ben Howard
Any time I am needing something calming and nostalgic to listen to I click on this song. So many good memories associate with it!

0 Fourth of July Carnival
D and I are so excited to spend some of tomorrow and Saturday night at the carnival so neatly squatting just a few blocks from us. I am planning a special blog post about this special day/event–keep an eye out!

0 Scrabble
Recently, D and I have been spending the evenings in an instance game of Scrabble or chess having a blast! We set the stakes high. Last time, the winner was to receive a special date day from the other. Dalton won (like always!) and the dear heart split the reward and we had two date days for each other! What an amazing husband I have!!

0 “Rejoice in the Lord” and “In every thing give thanks”
These bits of Scripture have inspired so many moments and days of peace, true joy, and happiness. I have notice how rejoicing in the Lord and giving thanks in everything seems to turn the worst days and hardest times into the best, most happiest of days. The joy of the LORD really is strengthening! How good He is!

0 Birthday Cake Ice Cream
Oh. My. Yum. Sometimes D and I enjoy a special treat and walk to Central Dairy–our local ice cream shop. Now, when I say walk I don’t just mean around the corner. Its quite a few blocks away, cross a highway, and fin-daggle your way through the older, German area of Jefferson City. But oh, it is worth it. I love getting the waffle cone jammed full of birthday cake delight!

0 Skype
For the last month my dear sister and I have been enjoying our Skype visits. It has been such a special treat getting to actually see her developing pregnant belly and for me to show her my house even though we are separated by hundreds of miles!

Dear friends, what does July bring your way? I’d love to hear about your busy lives!
Love and blessings!


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