King David and my Identity

identity. Your identity. Who are you? Who am I? What is the purpose of our
lives, to born at this time, in a certain country, to a particular family?

            Sometimes I feel like my identity is
wrapped up in all that I think I am. I mean, shouldn’t I know myself better
than anyone else? I sum up my being in a nice six sentence paragraph with
descriptive words like, “Coffee-drinker,” “artist,” or “family-lover.” Of
course the paragraph isn’t at all close to the truth seeing that it has to be
concise (I’ve which I’m never), witty, and cute–three traits which do not
naturally flow from my being.  

            Other times my identity is wrapped
up in my looks or my job or my degree. But then there are those days when my
nose is noticeably big, my hair aloof, my job less than desirable, and my
degree . . . . light-years away.

            At this point I’m feeling pretty
frayed; who am I, really? If I can’t find my worth in my personality, looks,
job, or education then where can I find it?

            The same place King David found his.

planning on reading through the Psalms and really
looking to see Who God is to me. I need to know.

you would like to join me or perhaps you are already reading your way through
the Psalms? Either or, feel free to comment on something the Lord has taught
you! I’d love to hear!

2 thoughts on “King David and my Identity

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    Wow, Frannie, I have been thinking along much the same lines lately – I feel like I've never really answered the "who am I" questions that I was asking myself in high school. What am I really like? Where am I going? Should I be like this or like this, and why? I feel like I'll always have trouble seeing myself properly and moving forward if I don't really settle them.

    I just recently finished reading through Psalms, and I'd love to join you in your study – how are you going to do it? Keep me posted! 🙂


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