Learning to Love the Kitchen: Menu Planning

I think each beautiful Keeper of the Home has her favorite (and least favorite) tasks. I’m certain the Proverbs 31 woman occasionally thought, “Boy, this buying of land and rising up to feed my maidens early can be exhausting. Do we have any goat milk cream for my hot herbal tea? Make it strong, it’s a Jonah-of-a-Day.” 😉

Regardless of our preferences, good women who love their Lord and love their families press on and choose to take delight in serving and beautifying their home. We conquer Mt. Laundry, scrub away grimy dishes and change dirty diapers. The most unpleasant tasks take on new meaning as we work and the labor of our hands is a home filled with love, tough hands and happy faces.

For me, I struggle loving my kitchen and the work that happens in it’s walls. Cooking has been my least favorite. Effort is the key ingredient for our meals and all to often the Darling Man eats the same meals week after week. So … There’s very little effort happening in our diner.

We’ve been married for 18 months and it was only last month when he mentioned that he would like me to introduce variety to our palate. At first I was tempted to defend myself and accuse the sweet guy of ungratefulness but I felt a check in my spirit which said something like, “Easy, Frannie. This is a simple request and one you can meet sweetly. Cook something different.” (So thankful for God’s good, guiding Spirit.)

Thus, the Monthly Menu is born. Out of an effort to cook new, tasty meals and keep myself accountable and inspired I shall share my monthly meal plan. Since we grocery shop week by week I’ll be updating the menu throughout the month and plan to document the success stories and write weepy posts on recipe flops. After all, this is a blog documenting the adventures of a house-keeping, husband-loving wife. Occasional food selfies should fit in here somewhere. 😉

Menu Planning with Authentic Virtue

How do you keep inspired in the kitchen? What’s your favorite and least favorite aspect of keeping your home? Do you have any fall-ish recipes to share with me?

With love, blessings and coffee,


7 thoughts on “Learning to Love the Kitchen: Menu Planning

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    Oh! Cooking and running the kitchen is my favorite aspect of keeping the home! But sometimes it can become overwhelming, and boring. Pinterest is one way I keep it fun. Or purchasing a new cookbook every now and then keeps the monotony away.

    My least favorite aspect? Laundry. No matter how often you do it, there is ALWAYS more. But seeing my hubby’s clothes, and remembering I have been blessed with a husband, makes it a little more joyful. 😀

    I look forward to hearing more of your food ventures!

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      You are so sweet, Angel! I love your sweet contentment and joy in your tasks. I also love your ideas. I’ll have to run over to your Pinterest food board to get some inspiration. 🙂

      You are precious, sweet lady!

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    Ooh, I can’t wait to see your October monthly meal plan!! I am a lot like you with cooking, it’s not my favorite and I tend to cook the same few meals over and over if I’m not careful. (Tacos, salmon, soups, breakfast-for-dinner, and a kale dish we like) But whenever I try new meals my hubby is always SO happy about it and it makes me feel so good that I want to try more! 🙂 I’m excited to see your meal plan and I will definitely share some of my favorite mean ideas with you!

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      You are *so* funny, Amy!! I love your honesty and your relation to my troubles! We eat the same things over and over again: baked chicken, baked salmon, porksteaks, salad, etc. 😉

      My man is the same way. It makes him so happy whenever I make something new. It’s like a celebration!! 😀 He’s such a sweetheart.

      Thanks for leaving your mean (hehehe!) comment!! I appreciate you!

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    I do not even have the energy today to talk about household tasks, but I can say that I’m really looking forward to this series!!! 😀

    ~ Vicki

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      Oh, Vickie. You make me laugh!

      Poor thing, so tired you can’t even talk about the exciting things of dusting and meal plans. How is grad school going? I love that you’ve been posting often — I love hearing from you!!

      Thank you for the encouraging words. I hope the posts do not disappoint!!

      With love to you!

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