Don’t Dig Up in Doubt What You Planted in Faith: Coffee Series

Don't dig up in doubt what you planted in faith with

In life we’re given the choice to simply trust and obey or grow faithless and fearful.

In our current situation, I’m constantly challenged by fear. Every belly cramp, sign of blood, or internet search weakens my faith and I begin to dig up in doubt what I had planted in faith.

Last week was no different. My Beloved came home, exhausted from the previous night’s trip to the emergency room, the extra work he had done over the weekend, and being out-of-town. My normally calm and collected Dalton was stressed and worn out. And instead of  helping ease his weary heart I made it heavier through my nervous, worry-edged tone.

Even though we had just been to the doctor who informed us that baby was well, growing and the spotting/bleeding appeared to be low-risk, every hour of the day seemed grow my anxiety and fear. It’s like I need to be jellied up and sitting next to an ultrasound every moment of the day for me to have any peace and rest.

Friends, learn with me. Don’t dig up in doubt what you’ve planted in faith.

Life is full of unknowns.

Thankfully, we can know that God is good and kind and exceedingly present in our time of need. He is faithful to His children, their needs, and He hears their pleas.

Dalton reminded me that besides our false alarm miscarriage, our pregnancy has really been quite problem-free. Yes, I spot but so do a thousand other women who have healthy babies.

So, here’s to Fridays and learning to live life in faith. Here’s to less worry and more trusting and obeying.

What are you learning to let go and trust in? have you any advice or insight in how to conquer fear and anxiety? Let’s grow together and share our hearts! 

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Don’t Dig Up in Doubt What You Planted in Faith: Coffee Series

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    It is soooo hard to keep the faith through all this! I do understand! But to quote Anne Shirley, you are not in the depths of despair! With each passing week and with each passing doctors appointment you will feel better and better! It is human nature to want to fix everything and fix it right away. This is just something that is out of your hands and in the hands of a greater power!!!

    But here is a comical story to help lighten things. When I was about 28 weeks along I had this horrible pain in my stomach. I was sure that the pregnancy was really ending. My sweet husband insisted that I go and lay down for a bit and said if the pain continued we would go to the ER. So…. I listened to him and went and layed down…. After about 5 minutes I let out the biggest, longest FART ever! My husband heard it on the other side of the house and yelled “feel better”. Indeed I did!!!! But it also made me realize that I had myself so upset and so worried that I had forgotten to enjoy the miracle that we had created! And also that God must have a sense of humor!!!!

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    Oh I know exactly what you are talking about here! I feel like you were describing me during my pregnancy when you said “It’s like I need to be jellied up and sitting next to an ultrasound every moment of the day for me to have any peace and rest.” That’s JUST how I was! I was constantly digging up the seeds of faith I’d just planted. And I still do that even sometimes today. Yet reading your words and thoughts help to grow my faith and settle in my heart like they often do. Thank you for your wisdom and honesty my friend, you help me so much even when you don’t realize it! 😊 I pray for you, Dalton, and your sweet baby to feel God’s presence through every day and especially through those scary worrying times.

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    I lived this for four weeks strait. I was hoping that my no heartbeat diagnoses would turn to a miracle story. Sadly it did not. There really is much to say, but the most important thing would be to seek His voice. God knows you better than anyone, and loves you the best. You are his sheep and YOU can hear His voice. ( I like to ask what scripture to read)
    When I became pregnant again after losing a child I saw the possibility of 40 weeks of worry and fear. Well, he lead me to a psalm that said, ” I healed you”. Then I was able to choose what God said over the fear that liked to lurk around. Seek God and you will find Him.
    Love you!!!
    Praying for you both

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