How Do You Let God Work Through You?

Coffee With You Series

Encourage others. Bloom where you’re planted. Live Authentically. Tell of Jesus.

I love how God grows, changes and refines us. When I started Authentic Virtue in 2009 I was a nineteen year old who had just moved from her hometown in Alaska to Missouri. My family lived at home then; now, I have two nephews from my sister and her sweet husband, a brother soon to graduate from college, and am married to the love of my life. I’ve lived in five different houses within that time, finished my Associates degree, and began teaching at a local Christian school. Now, we’re having a baby.

Life changes. But our God doesn’t.

I believe each of us have been given a special mission in life. We’re given a special desire, talent or passion He wants us to use to glorify Him. It’s all about making His name great, not our own.  I used to believe that meant doing something radical and great: crossing the seas for mission work, fasting without fail, living life single for God.

And while those things are asked of some of us I also think God uses our small, everyday desires and moments to proclaim Himself.

The woman who loves baking and gives goodies to the neighbor children is making God known. The dad who goes to work without complaint and comes home to love his children and wife is proclaiming His Master and making Him famous. The single college student who is laboring through classes and manages to sit down for coffee with her hurting friend is declaring God’s attentive, loving heart.

That’s what I want my life and writing to be about. Living our every day moments pointing to Jesus and saying, “Look to Him. He is good, and gracious and I love Him.” I want to be an encourager. I want to bloom where I’m planted. I want to live authentically.


Because all these things tell of Jesus. 

And that’s a great thing to live for.

Making God great is what it's all about even in ordinary life.

What is your life’s mission statement? Do you feel called to do or be something … whether great or small? Has God ever used a ordinary person or moment to bless you and point your eyes to Him? Tell me about it! 

Love, blessings, and coffee,


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How Do You Let God Work Through You?

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    Ooh Frannie, I have thoughts on this beautiful post!! I just woke up from falling asleep in a confused tangle of yarn and headphones at 2AM, so I am slinking off to bed, but I will be back! 🙂 Love you!

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