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Dearest readers …

I did a big thing.

A *big* thing. At least for me.

I made a Facebook page for Authentic Virtue; wow! I can’t believe it either! :] I’ve been journaling, sharing and dreaming on this blog for five years (five years!) and so many of you have traveled along with me; some of you have been here since the beginning!

I would love for you to hop over to the official Authentic Virtue Facebook link, “like” and share. I yearn for this blog to become a place where friendship blossoms and fellowship is as natural as spring air. So, dear one, do jump over and make yourself known.

And let the fun commence!!

With lots of love and blessings,


6 thoughts on “Let’s Be Facebook Friends // Blog Growing Up

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      Loving it, Miss Heather!! I think it is so great we can get to know each other better this way … I'm already loving the pictures and fun bits I see!!


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