Daily Joys.

Hello! Greetings in the name of Jesus Christ and our Heavenly Father! How are each of you? Busy with summer gardens, fun and work? Life around the Halbert household has been quite full yet in a very pleasant way. Amid the stifling sweat-creating heat I have seen many blessings unfold. Isn’t true that no matter what the season–in weather or in personal life–there are always blessings to be found? I thought I would drop in and share a few with you. :o)
1. This couple.

Oops, no I mean the couple below.
. . .
American Gothic was painted by Grant Wood.
Hmm. No. . .I’m referring to the cute couple even farther down.

Ah, much better. :o) Yes, this is reason #1 for why I love living in Missouri. Meet my examples of virtue and love, Mum and Papi–the rulers, guides, caretakers and gentle-hands which run our place. Please do not mistake me, I have always been blessed to have parents who love the Lord and who have sought to train us to love Jesus. However, since moving to Missouri I have seen God work miracles. He is the binder and the healer. He has rekindled a love–a godly love. A love which is forgiving, patient, slow to anger and quick to kindness. A love which inspires. Since moving to Missouri I have seen a marriage develop which, Lord willing, I would love to imitate one day. And so, dear ones, the sweet couple above is reason #1 of why I love Missouri.
2. Reason number two for why I am falling for Missouri is . . .

Cricket’s insatiable chorus. Wild kittens beginning to trust.

Beautiful sunsets. Cattle on a thousand Ozark hills. Bass in a pond.

Crystal clear swimming holes. Mailboxes at the end of a driveway. Friendly cowboy-boot wearing locals.
Warm, summer air. Homemade, fish-line weight plumb lines suspended from bothersome, ill-placed trees. :o)
These are a few of my Favorite things. 
3. One final blessing of living in Missouri is its location. While I truly loved the state of Alaska, it’s far-far-away position made traveling to family and friends very difficult. Yet, Missouri has proved otherwise. Grandma and Grandpa can swing down from corn-field Illonois for roast beef on Mother’s Day while we can drive to Smokey Mountain Tennessee for a dear friend’s wedding. What a blessing.

So, what are a few of your blessings? Is it the comfort of one’s homemade zucchini muffins (hello Sonja!), the joy of two rambunctious felines crowding freshly washed material (greetings Miss Linda!) or is it the excitement over family research (blessings Mrs. Adams)? Ahem, or maybe it is the excitement of making and giving away a beautiful apron, Miss Shannon?  Hint, Hint! :o)
May the LORD bless each of you as you begin a new week!
With a smile,

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    So lovely to hear all your news Frannie. Your parents look charming!
    I have never visited USA but Missouri sounds a lovely region, and I have seen so many photos on Sarah's blog (As Lilies Sewing), which make me think it would be a beautiful area to live in.

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    heehee hello dear Frannie! I love this post! Isn't it wonderful when our dear Heavenly Father reveals to us the lovely things with which He has blessed us!

    Much Love my Dear Friend!

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