When Life Knocks the Saint Right Out of You // Coffee Series

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There’s a lot of feelings that happen when your life is turned upside down. For me, I’ve definitely become more acquainted with fear, anxiety, and anger from being in the NICU. There’s just something about not being in control of your child’s well-being that knocks the saint right out of you.

And guess what, that’s exactly what I needed.

Far too often I think that I’ve got Christianity down (as if a relationship with Christ is something you can perfect). I get high-minded, proud, and self-righteous. It’s easy to think you’ve got it all together when things are going well.

But I’m not in that place anymore. I’m no longer put together. I feel things that I probably shouldn’t feel — anger when my baby is struggling and a nurse doesn’t come running or hopeless anguish when he struggles to breathe and no one has answers.

I’m learning that being brave and doing what’s right comes down to the basics … am I loving? Am I kind?

It’s the easy, cowardly thing to held a grudge at a nurse. It feels good to be angry with hospital staff when they can’t give the answers I want. It feeds my flesh and old man to be cold and irritable just because I feel like it.

Being brave and loving isn’t easy because it isn’t natural. That’s why I’m not put together. I need Jesus to create a clean heart and renew a right spirit in me. I need Him to give me emanating peace when all I feel is chaos. I need Him to fill me with love when all I feel is irritation.

I get overwhelmed when I think about all my feelings and how terribly I handle them. But thankfully, I have a Savior Who understands and forgives; who redeems and heals.

Have you noticed that stress can knock the saint out of you? How do you handled this? Is there anything I can be praying for for you? Share below — I love to hear from readers!

Love, blessings, and coffee,

5 thoughts on “When Life Knocks the Saint Right Out of You // Coffee Series

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    Yes Frannie I do feel the same way!!! After my family grew to 5 I started to have issues with stress and my good qualities were fleeting away. What helped the most? Every time you feel stressed ask Jesus to fill you up! I have to ask all day long. Especially starting at empty.

    Other things I like to do that help some, but not as much as asking to be filled up are drinking Natural Calm, exercise, quiet time in Bible and listening, and worship time.


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    It’s only through trials that we do grow. It’s soooo. .. hard at times to accept the trial. But what a joy it is to know GOD is using them to refine us, and grow us. Although I forget that too quickly when a trial does arrive. How good our Father is to be so patient. 😊

    Thank you for sharing this. My heart needed it.

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    Yes. I recently had a little health scare that I didn’t handle as well as I would’ve liked. I let fear get the best of me, but once I leaned into God it got so much easier. It was a reminder that I needed. I hope your little one thrives. I can only imagine how hard it is.

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    I don’t know how I missed reading this, Frannie back in March….prime example of how God works I am assuming….. cause girl I needed to hear this right now!! So good and so full of truth. I have been asking on a very regular basis for the Lord to help me demonstrate love like Him more!! Especially when stress is so previlant in my life over the last several years with Mary born sick and at the same time Merko being sick. The stress does take a toll on you, not only on the one sick but those giving the care. I don’t want to feed my flesh anymore when I want to be cold and I am irritable a lot and I want to give that over to Him and let Him carry that for me! Im tired of carrying the anger and frustration of unanswered prayers! Thank you for putting so often, things I have and am still going through, into words so that I can digest and hopefully change things that are facing me and my trial. I love you and keep allowing the Lord to work through you Frannie cause you are a blessing in sooo many ways!!

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