Linens + Drawers: Small House Organizing

Finding a place for everything can be a challenge when you live in a small(ish) home; but, what better chance to give your beautiful, creative self some space and freedom to discover smart, nice-looking, useful ways of hiding all the junk gadgets running a home requires?


I have found our baker’s wrack to be so helpful in organizing the odds and ends which beg to be in the kitchen. I cherish this particular piece of furniture; when we married I asked my momma if I could take it along; for as long as I can remember it graced my mother’s kitchen and dining area and I love it.

In one drawer I store doilies, table runners and cloths, napkin rings, and other beautiful towels and coverings. Most of these beauties were gifts (do you see your lovely set, Mrs. Elizabeth?) while others came along with my hope chest.

I also keep the more practical items like plastic silverware and paper plates along with aprons in the baker’s wrack. I love knowing where everything belongs.

Of course, the fabled junk drawer requires a pretty area where it can collect odds and ends like lint rollers, pens, and flashlights.
Below the wicker drawers I keep some of our cookbooks and also store Dalton’s chess pieces and our card game … Dutch Blitz, anyone?

The a few more cookbooks are neatly stacked … beneath one of our living room couches! 🙂 There just wasn’t quite enough room.
While I’m at it, don’t you just love the message board Dalton made me for Christmas? It has a chalkboard, a place to pin notes, and also four adorable clips for hanging things like to-do lists, schedules, and menus. It was one of my favorite gifts this year and I love using it in our kitchen.
Where do you store the odds and ends your kitchen needs? Or maybe you’ve found some great organizational ideas … message me on Pinterest and I’ll be sure to check it out!
Love + blessings,

2 thoughts on “Linens + Drawers: Small House Organizing

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    Frannie, what a joy to see the napkins and the Teatowles! You are sweet.
    Of course, we all have to have a junk drawer somewhere, and I'm sure they all contain much the same things!
    Your chalk board is delightful.

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    Hello, sweet one!

    I am so glad you caught sight of them I use the tea towels all the time. Right now, I am using the lovely blue one to cover some homemade cornbread muffins. 🙂

    Blessings to you! Your friendship and kindness always mean so much to me!


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