Love: Is it Fuzzy, Hot, or What?

Earlier, a dear
friend of mine asked me what love feels like. I loved this question because I
wondered the very same thing before I met Dalton. I suppose it is different for
everyone and there are so many different types of love. My love does happen to
have a romantic side; however, it is the agape, the friendship love which draws
us two together every day. So, here it is, my feelings of what it feels like to
be in love.

a Knowing you are safe

a The warmness of autumn candles flickering in the

a Knowing that that pimple, the swollen, pulsing one on your
forehead, will be overlooked with laughter

a Forgiveness and new chances

a Swimming among the coral in Hawaii—full of life
and discovery

a Grinning through tears because your forgiven

a Security

a Knowing someone so well that when fear and doubt enter
you can send them packing

a The summer sun shining on your shoulders—bright and

a The knowledge that you will be chosen above others and
the decision you’ve made to choose that person above all others

Love is quite wonderful and along with the beauty there is a lot
of learning and sometimes even pain. Like the time I realized love=marriage=leaving
my beloved home. Or when we discovered how untrusting and proud my heart really
is. And what about the day when I uncovered the truth about love; the day I
found out that love is ultimately a choice. A choice to love and serve that
person above yourself.

It’s scary because for the first time
ever I really am called (or forced) to die to myself. Sure, I was supposed to
be dying to self years before but all of a sudden the dying is instantly vital.
Relationships will not blossom if one refuses to surrender their will.

Ultimately, this pain turns into
beauty. Forgiveness is granted. Encouragement is given. Hope brings about
change and change brings about appreciation and appreciation brings about love
and love brings about, well, all those lovely things aforementioned.

It really is quite frightening to
imagine myself being in love, to be so dependent on someone. But then again, that’s
what I was created for, to love and be loved.

Ultimately, love has the same sort of
feel as home does. It’s full of laughter and good smells, teasing and rebuking,
safety and acceptance (even when your outfit doesn’t match and your breath is
less than fresh). My love for Dalton feels like I’m returning from a long
journey to my old, comfortable place called home. Learning, growing, confessing,
accepting, believing, and belonging occurs here and I’m able to slip on my
fuzzy slippers and relax knowing that I’m in a safe place.

What does your love feel like? We
younger ladies would love to hear tales from some who have walked before us!

4 thoughts on “Love: Is it Fuzzy, Hot, or What?

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    Frannie…friendship is so very important. I was left by an abusive husband many years ago, and swore I would never trust another man. However, God laughed and presented me with a truly Godly man to whom I have been married for 34 years.
    The loveliest part of our relationship is that we are still friends, with absolute trust. I have a man who accepts me for what I am without trying to change me. Of course there is all the passion of youth when one first meets, but there must be the depth of friendship too.
    I'm very happy for you.

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    Frannie, my dear friend– the more I read your posts lately the more I have to smile and say, "She sounds like a girl in love." =) I really love to see it. You deserve the best. God bless you and Dalton both abundantly! Love you!!!

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    Hmm, well … this post has taught me two things. The first one is that love really does exalt and beautify everything it touches – the people involved, the relationship, the way they see each other and life. The way you put everything was so touching and romantic. Thank you so much for the inspiring answer!! It makes me so happy to see how content, joyful and full of trust the two of you are. God is shining through you just as you prayed He would. 🙂

    The second thing it taught me was that Spock was right: love really IS completely illogical and I still don't understand it a bit. 😛 I guess I'll just have to keep waiting and hope to experience it for myself!!

    Love you so much, my friend! I'll keep praying for you and Dalton as you keep learning and growing together – as always, let me know if there's ever anything specific that I can pray for you, and I'll be happy to! 😀

    **Big cyberhug,**
    ~ Vicki

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