How I Didn’t Know He Was the One Until I Decided He Was

Recently, I read Bailey’s newest article out loud to my hubby.

It was one of those “a-hah!” articles we both got a kick from because it described our dating days to a “t.”

I’ve never really known how to write about the early days of our relationship because, quite frankly, they didn’t fit the traditional mold I (and all my friends) had been expecting. And for me, a people-pleasing, suggestible, rule-following young woman, it was a very turbulent time.

Thankfully, the very best traits of my husband came out during our courtship, namely, his upmost desire for  God’s will and his faithfulness as he chose to stand by me despite my wavering opinions, fear of man and the stress I created when I analyzed our relationship every other week.

Now, a year and three months later, I sit in our cozy home confidant we are in God’s will. The growth I have seen in our individual and united lives has been beautiful and the sense of purpose and peace within our marriage breathtaking.

So, how did I know he was the one?

I decided.

Yes, I did follow guidelines which revealed the open doors for our relationship. My parent’s approval and insight were invaluable and Dalton’s character and love for God evident in his daily life. We shared common beliefs and our goals were very similar. Along with all that technical stuff was the fact that I thoroughly enjoyed being with this man. He made me laugh, encouraged me and revealed glimpses of a heart sold out for God.

But in the end, even after seeing all the open doors God held open, I had to decide that he was the one.

And as logical, cold, unromantic and harsh as that sounds it’s the truth.

Love, for me, required trusting in God and the man I had chosen to pursue. It meant looking more at our future than the possibility of an end. It asked me to put down the courtship manuals and rule books (which I still admire) and pick up God’s Word instead. I had to stop looking for man’s praise and enjoy the beauty of love instead.

Now, as a joy-filled, loved and incredibly happy wife I’d encourage any couple to take the route we did. Choose to love the person God is leading you to and rejoice in it. Set aside comparisons, worry and anything which leads more to doubt than resolution.

Because at some point every marriage will come to a place where it must rely on a choice.

So why not build a solid foundation in the beginning?

With much love to you,


The Three Benefits of Postponing Your Honeymoon // Published!

Super exciting!

Remember that one time I wrote about the three benefits we discovered from postponing our honeymoon?

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With lots of love (and plenty of excitement!),