Love Story

Be still my heart. Those words happened around the beginning of our relationship (maybe on our first date?). And it was that quirky answer that let me know I had met a really great guy. 

A sweet, blond, “be yourself” encourager who prayed for his future family since childhood. I was the reserved type; a type-A with serious requirements, thoughts and a people-pleasing attitude that got me in more trouble then I care to think about.

We were set up … by his mother. There’s nothing better then knowing you were handpicked by your mother-in-love.

Our first weekend together was in St Louis helping watch over 15 teenagers on a mission trip; he was so nervous he barely spoke (literally … 12 sentences at most). I found him unique, enjoyably quiet, funny and serious; qualities that were beautiful to me.

Soon, we were in the perils of a long-distance relationship. There were a lot of beautiful moments; he came with a pile of roses when he asked to date me, traveling was a blast, and we learned a lot about practicing vulnerability and acceptance.

There were also some hard moments — my logical, “figure out if he’s the one before you love him/people-pleasing” personality made life a little confusing. There was also the time he unexpectedly lost his job and met a deer on his motorcycle. Our dreams were postponed while he searched for a job. There was a lot of opportunities to rely on our great God’s care; there were also special, dear moments where I learned to trust and he learned patience.

(This is one of my favorite posts from the beginning of that time)

A few days before Christmas 2013, my beloved led me to an attic filled with balloons (think 500!) and a glow-in-the-dark question: Marry Me? It was such a beautiful act and one of my most favorite memories.

Our wedding was set for March 7th, 2014 (90 days is enough time, isn’t it?). Those months were full of hard work, new jobs, three hours of distance between us, sewing banners for the reception and arranging dried flowers for tiny corsages.

The day of our wedding was beautiful — mainly because it was so stress free. Countless friends had helped the prior day transforming a stinky youth center  into a beautiful, candle-lit atmosphere full of babies breath and blue and gold paper lanterns. The wedding ceremony itself was so lovely — candle-light filled the church and white petals adorned the aisle. The only kink in the wheel was when my beloved tried to change the main song 20 minutes before show-time. My dear mom nearly had a conniption.

We said, “I do” and now, a four years later, we’re still saying yes to loving each other fully and entirely. There isn’t a man I admire as much as my teasing, blond-headed, sweet man. He encourages me to keep my eyes on our Father and cherishes the unique abilities he thinks I have. I love that I can count on his desire to follow God and desire to help others. Most of all, I always know that I have a home with him.

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      Sydney!! I LOVE that you commented and I’m sorry I’m responding 2 years later! :O But I’m so glad you have been in my life and were there on that special day too!!

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