Making Our House a Home: Fall Style

It’s getting cooler and I am celebrating the last days of summer by prepping for fall. I’ve always loved ushering in the seasons and altering our home décor to match the natural beauty outside. I set aside a day to begin bringing in the warmth of Autumn and have especially enjoyed decluttering some as well.

After dropping D off for work I stopped and clipped several branches of the beautiful flower, Golden Rod. It’s such a lovely thing to bring living, natural things into the home. I’ve snipped several stems and now our home is overflowing with this little beauty. (If you have allergies you may want to avoid sniffing too closely! 😉

I’ve been having a blast utilizing the Cricut cutter my mom bought for me a few years ago. Don’t you just *love* the cute hello and get naked? Ah!! So cute and so snarky I can’t wait for D to see it … so fun! I have just discovered the joy of vinyl and have so many craft ideas and uses up my sleeve it keeps me up at night.

Glass jars are a weakness of mine so I’ve filled many of them with candles, pinecones and flowers. I wanted to keep the fall décor light in color since Autumn is still in her earliest days. Once leaves begin to change I’ll usher in more color.

Sweaters, coffee and blankets are also key characters in our home and like always they provide a bit of warmth and coziness.

How/when do you alter your home with the seasons? Are you traditional or do you try new styles each year? Let me know, sweet folk!

With lots of love and coffee,


2 thoughts on “Making Our House a Home: Fall Style

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    It is so pretty the way Americans and Canadians use the seasons to decorate their homes. It isn’t something we do much in England, apart from Christmas of course.

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    Oh my goodness Frannie, you have a BEAUTIFUL home!! And you won’t believe this, but I had never even realized what goldenrod was until your blog! After I read it I started noticing all the beautiful yellow goldenrod along the side of the road and I promptly went out and cut some for my kitchen table. It’s beautiful!! Thank you for the wonderfu suggestion and a new tradition! 🙂

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