May Giveaway // Announcing

Sweet readers,

thank you for taking this exciting venture with me and helping me make this new site home for Authentic Virtue. Thank you also for sharing your summer memories with me, sharing the love on Facebook, signing up for emails and liking us! I can’t express how much it means to have such involved readers! // p.s. welcome new friends!

I wish that I could send each of you something special … maybe one day I’ll figure that out. 🙂

But until then I am *so happy* to announce the winner of this giveaway:

Miss Barbara is one of the dear ladies whose friendship is a cup of sugar, a bucket of blessings and a lot of fun. I’m so happy you won! (Miss Barbara has been a faithful reader and friend … she even sent D and I a lovely wedding gift!) Readers, do stop by her blog and enjoy a bit of beauty from her Cornish home.

Miss Barbara, I already have your address and as soon as the holiday is over I’ll be mailing the package your way. 🙂

So much love,

Frannie Anne

4 thoughts on “May Giveaway // Announcing

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    Ooohh Frannie! What a huge surprise!
    I know how expensive post is to UK and I do worry about that. Only post when you are ready.
    Thank you so much!!

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