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Hello again my dear sisters in Christ! About two years ago I picked up a few  revised McGuffey Readers published by Christian Liberty at a yardsale. At this time I’m reading a revised McGuffey Electic Reader. Some of you may have read these before, but I have never read one and I am so thankful I found it! I have been blessed many times by the various stories within this Electic Reader and because I was so blessed I wanted to share a few stories with you! So, after seeing the creativness of other fellow bloggers I decided to make Mondays “McGuffey Mondays”! I’m very excited. I’m hoping that the sweet old-timiness, slightly difficult reading, and the uplifting of good character may bless you as much as it has me. So, even though today is not Monday I thought I would get started.

“Who Made the Stars”
“Mother, who made the stars, which light
The beautiful blue sky?
Who made the moon, so clear and bright,
That rises up so high?”
“‘Twas God, my child, the Glorious One,
He formed them by his power;
He made alike the brilliant sun,
And every leaf and flower.
“He made your little feet to walk;
Your sparkling eyes to see;
Your busy, prattling tongue to talk,
And limbs so light and free.
“He paints each fragrant flower that blows,
With loveliness and bloom;
He gives the violet and the rose
Their beauty and perfume.
“Our various wants his hands supply;
He guides us every hour;
We’re kept beneath his watchful eye,
And guarded by his power.
“Then let your little heart, my love,
Its grateful homage pay
To that kind Friend, who, from above,
Thus guides you every day.
“In all the changing scenes of time,
On him our hopes depend;
In every age, in every clime,
Our Father and our Friend.”
Isn’t that lovely dear sisters? If the Lord wills, may we be as the mother in this poem. And if God decides to keep us single, may we be kind and gentle, answering younger people’s questions, and always pointing to our Lord. Well, that is all for today! Let’s be all He wants us to be my fellow sisters.
By his grace,       

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